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📙 Guides

The ultimate guide to employee benefits in the United Kingdom

The world of employee benefits is vast and, honestly, pretty confusing…

So, whether you’re a HR person looking for the perfect offering for your team, or you’re an employee who's interested in what’s out there - we’ve got you covered!

Country guides

Discover more about benefits in your chosen country. Our country guides are jam packed full of useful info to take your benefits package to the next level wherever you're based!

How reward & recognition help's attract & retain Talent

To attract and retain the best talent, companies need total reward policies and practices. In this guide we’ll look at how businesses of all sizes can approach and implement a successful total reward policy.

The definitive guide to disability inclusion in the workplace

This guide explores the key aspects of disability in the workplace in depth, providing insight into how inclusive company policies and working styles tend to be (or tend not to be), as well as showcasing key data.

The ultimate guide to digital workplace wellbeing

The age of treating employees with a one-size-fits-all approach is well and truly at an end. Workplaces are now adopting policies which make the health and wellbeing of their employees a priority.

How to avoid burnout & stress in the digital age

Workplace stress is likely to be an issue for professionals at some stage in their career. Learn how you can manage your work-life balance and avoid burnout.

Remote Working: The Business Guide

If you've ever wondered how businesses make the most of a remote or hybrid set-up, this guide is for you. We discuss all the practicalities of remote working.

The Ultimate Employer’s Guide to Remote-first Recruitment and Hiring

How do you source global talent, onboard remote employees and deliver a best in class training experience? Learn more in our practical guide.

🛠 Tools

Employee benefits cost calculator

How much does it cost to offer employee benefits? Find out with our Employee Benefits cost calculator! Simply enter your headcount, average age, select your desired benefits and then enter your email to see the results.

Benefits Outlook

See how 350+ companies are changing their benefits programmes to support their employees through COVID-19.

Ben Feed

Check out BenFeed for a curated selection of 'ready-made' comms - free for you to share with your team. Content includes wellbeing tips/nudges, team engagement ideas, productivity hacks, and personal development best-practices.

📚 Ebooks

A Guide to UK Employee Benefits

We joined forces with global employment platform Boundless, to create this practical guide in which we take a deep dive into UK employee benefits including statutory benefits, tax implications, and get perspectives from companies who are leading the charge.

Tax Guide

At Ben, we help companies get the most from employee benefit budgets by taking full advantage of tax exemptions. We understand that navigating tax can be daunting for employers, so we’ve pulled together this helpful guide.