Where have
you Ben?

The way companies reward their people today is
rigid, one-size-fits-all, and hasn't evolved to meet the demands of the modern workforce

How we work changed but
benefits stayed the same.

Ben is changing
how people offer and use
employee benefits.

Our mission is to change the role of work from
maintaining livelihoods to shaping lives.

With a team of exceptional, but rather interesting...

My favourite office prank is to hijack the speaker and play Gregorian chants, slowly increasing the volume until someone asks what's happening
George Headshot
Account Executive
My dream job would be a Pokemon gym trainer
Carter Headshot
Senior Product Manager
I need to get some hobbies because the first thing that came to mind is that I'm scared of pigeons
Charlotte headshot
Marketing Executive
Jacket potatoes are called Jacky P's - no question!
Tania headshot
Marketplace Supply Manager
My, my, your people are hungry for those benefits
James Headshot
Product Design Lead
What's the famous Christmas scene?... You know, the dude in the crib?
Lukas Headshot
VP Growth

...fun people!

The Ben team before the Christmas partyThe Ben team out for a picnic
The Ben team at a group offsiteBen team go carting
Oh, and we believe in flexible working!

We're flexa certified!

Open roles

Senior Data Engineer

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Berlin, Germany