Benefits Management & Enrolment

We’ll help you create a super flexible benefits package that lets employees choose what matters most to them.

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Get benefits that get your people

No two colleagues are the same, so why should their benefits be? Let them benefit the way they want to.

Health Insurance / Private Medical

Give your team the coverage they need. Everyone is happy, at a price you can actually afford with any provider, anywhere.

You select your providers, your team customises their coverage, while Ben deals with:

  • Eligibility
  • Communication
  • Enrolment windows
  • Contribution rules
  • Plan upgrades
  • Dependent management
  • Pricing
  • Provider data sync
  • Payroll reporting
  • Policy management

Life Insurance

Give your employees peace of mind, in the measure they need.

You pick the provider, your team can

  • Automatic enrolment
  • Upgrade policies the right coverage for them
  • Add beneficiaries
  • Payroll reporting


The ROI of employee wellbeing has never been clearer. Promote self-care and watch productivity and engagement soar.

Your team can spend  to support any of your wellbeing objectives:

  • Physical
  • Financial
  • Mental
  • Social


The ROI of employee wellbeing has never been clearer. Promote self-care and watch productivity and engagement soar.

Your team can spend  to support any of your wellbeing objectives:

  • Physical
  • Financial
  • Mental
  • Social

Bring all your benefits to life in a whole new way

Onboard and setup any benefit

Say goodbye to costly and slow change requests - you'll never have to manage a benefit outside Ben

  • Build the right benefits package for your team and offer something for everyone
  • Add any benefit yourself - from private medical insurance to gym subscriptions and benefits policies
  • Store all benefit details in one single place including contracts, plan details, brokers, and renewal dates
  • Integrate any broker for the best advice on insured and retirement benefits
  • Set granular eligibility rules based on any data point including tenure, location, team, seniority, salary level
  • Define benefit options including plan selections, pricing, windows, enrolment requirements, dependents, beneficiaries, and more

Your team chooses what works for them with self-serve enrolment

Help employees make better decisions and watch engagement and appreciation go through the roof

  • Engaging user experience that explains complicated benefits and gives your team confidence to choose
  • Employees can find information, make selections, and enrol from anywhere, anytime, with any device
  • Multi-step enrolment journeys that reduces data input and simplifies the selection process
  • Your team chooses how to pay — from company contributions, flexible allowances, or their own salary
  • Automated communications including welcome emails, enrolment reminders, selection statements, and renewal prompts

Automate tedious on-going benefits administration

Forget managing multiple portals, error-prone spreadsheets, and manual emails

  • Automate new joiners and leavers processes
  • Sync enrolments and changes to providers automatically
  • Collect any data point and selection from employees through embedded forms and document uploads
  • Use granular, multi-level approval workflows for more control
  • Ensure strict adherence to enrolment compliance and benefit plan rules
  • Enforce windows such as opt-in, opt-out, configuration, and qualifying life events
  • Eliminate costly enrolment and payroll errors

Better benefits insights with advanced analytics

Access your data, uncover trends, and make smarter decisions

  • Understand benefits engagement across entire employee decisions
  • Monitor overall benefits spend and use filters for deep dives on individual benefits or across demographics
  • Identify wasted spend and understand return on investment
  • See how the changes you’re making are driving impact and moving key people metrics

Benefits your team loves, results worth celebrating

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Join teams around the world getting 90%+ engagement with their benefits programmes

Get any benefit, in any country, and make it flexible, all without the painful admin. Budget-friendly. No hidden fees. No surprises.

Bring true flexibility with the Ben Mastercard

Diverse teams need diverse employee benefits. Flexible benefits allowances let employees choose what works for them using their Ben Mastercard.
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Explore Ben Features

Critical illness insurance

Show support for your team in times of need, with financial protection.

Financial advice

Want to support your team's financial education to help them feel more in control of their spending? Offer it as a benefit!


Look after your team and support them through any personal difficulties they're facing with an employee assistance programme. 

Charity contributions

Give your team the chance to give back to charity, without having to use their salary.

Fertility Programs

Beginning a fertility journey can seem daunting. Support your employees through this important life decision with leading fertility care. 

Bicycle subscriptions

Sometimes employees don't want to commit to buying a bike. Give them an alternative!

Workplace nursery

Workplace nursery schemes are a great way for employers to support their employees with childcare costs. They let employees pay for childcare through sacrificing a portion of their salary, whilst saving on tax. Workplace nursery schemes replaced childcare vouchers schemes across the UK as of 2018. 

Flexible benefits allowances

Want to offer anything as a benefit? Flexible benefits allowances let employees choose what works for them using their Ben Mastercard.

EV scheme

A sure fire way to promote your sustainability goals whilst helping your employees with the costs of buying a car. 

Food & Drink budgets

Support your team with the cost of food & drink with subsidised allowances. 

Dental insurance

Support your team with the costs of their dental care, help them skip wait times, and access high quality cover. 

Travel reimbursements / Commuter allowance

Want to encourage your team to come into the office more regularly? This is how!

Coworking space access

Remote working can get a bit samey sometimes. Give employees the chance to mix up their work environment!

Learning & development allowance

The most effective way to support your team's professional development!

Cell Phone Allowance

Assist your team with the cost of their mobile phone and network costs.

Eye tests & glasses allowance

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Help your employees see (literally) how awesome your company is by supporting their eye health!

Employee discounts

Times are tough for everyone right now. Give your team a helping hand with employee discounts in a bunch of retailers. This way, employees can save money in various shops and services. 

Gym memberships & subsidies

Want to support your team's health & wellbeing? Help them reach their fitness goals, stay motivated and happy with employee gym memberships. 

Earned wages access

Help your team navigate the rising cost of living by giving them instant access to their earned wages.

Childcare subsidy

Support employees with the cost of childcare. Subsidise part of their costs.

Gym discounts

Want to support your team's health & wellbeing? Help them reach their fitness goals, stay motivated and happy with employee gym memberships. 

Income protection

Protect your team's income in the event that they become unable to work. 

Key person insurance

Safeguard your business in the instance that a key employee dies. 

Pension Contribution

Give your team a helping hand when it comes to saving for retirement with generous pension contributions. 

Lifestyle subscriptions

Choose from Netflix, Spotify, Audible, Headspace and more!

Adoption Assistance

Support your team through their adoption journey with specialist adoption assistance.

Home insurance

Protect your employees' home and contents against any losses or damages. 

Work from home budgets

Need a new lamp for your desk? Work from home budget. Desperate for super fast broadband? Work from home budget. Noise cancelling headphones to drown out your noisy neighbour? You get the gist...

Relocation Allowances

Assist your employees when moving for work.

Health and wellbeing allowances

We all have different ways of looking after our health and wellbeing. For some people, it's a weekly yoga class, for others it's a Headspace subscription. Let your team choose what works best for them with a health & wellbeing allowance. 

Parenthood support

Becoming a parent can be super challenging. Offer new parents a helping hand with parenthood support benefits. 

Tuition Assistance

We all know how much education costs nowadays — for many people they just can't justify the cost. But having highly skilled employees can make the world of difference.

Private medical insurance

Private medical insurance is a type of insurance benefit that covers employee healthcare costs in private medical facilities. This means that employees can access top notch services, skip wait times, and have peace of mind. 

Sickness insurance

Financial support for employees who become to unwell to work.

Travel Insurance

Make travel as stress-free and painless as possible for your team by covering the costs of their travel insurance. 

Mental health / counselling

Mental health support is a super effective way to support employee wellbeing. 

Discounts saving card

Help employees save on everyday expenses. 

Pet insurance

Also known as pet health plans, these paw-licies are a way to manage costs if an employee's pet suddenly gets sick.

Cycle to work

Cycle to work schemes are an awesome way for employees to save money on buying a bike. These salary sacrifice schemes mean that employees can pay for a bike over the course of a year, whilst saving on tax.  

Buy and sell holidays

Give employees the option to take extra holidays, or make extra money. 

Frequently asked questions

What happens with any unused budget?

Any leftover benefits budget can be spent however your team likes, using their individually allocated Ben Mastercards!

How does the marketplace work?

The Marketplace is where employees can view our wide catalogue of benefits all in one place. Here, they can choose from a range of available benefits. Employees can then easily opt-in and out of the benefits they wish to spend their allowance on.

How do you work with brokers?

We work with a variety of third parties to bring the perfect benefits to your team.

Can I bring my own benefits?

Yes! You can bring your own benefits to Ben. We simply integrate the ones you have, and cut the admin for you. Or you can choose from our catalogue of providers in the Marketplace (or both!).