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We present actionable insights on benefits, pensions, wellness and more, with customisable filters. Here's a taste:


of companies offer remote working for office based staff


are adding mental health support in the next 12 months


of companies offer some form of medical benefits

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Why benchmark your benefits?

Leading companies and organisations have leading benefits. Benchmarking shows you where you stand and how you can improve.
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Attract & retain the best talent

Benefits benchmarking shows you how great your benefits really are. Offering a great benefits package shows potential (and current) employees that you prioritise their wellbeing.
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Make data driven decisions

By viewing all the data together in one simple tool, you can easily spot changes that would have the most impact. Making it easy for you to offer the most competitive employee benefits possible to attract and retain talent.
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Test against the best

We give every submission a simple benchmarking score so you can quickly understand how competitive your offering is.