About us

Turning benefits into possibility

Our mission is to create a world working at its best. Where every individual can live their best life— at work and outside of work. Our technology connects the entire benefits ecosystem, creating better outcomes for employers, employees, brokers, and providers.

What we believe

We envision a world where in-work benefits make us feel seen and heard not as employees, but as people. Where we live our lives in full-colour, expressing ourselves through the benefits we choose.

Benefits can play a pivotal role in reshaping the world of work—one where work moves from just sustaining livelihoods to shaping lives. 

In this post-pandemic world, the traditional idea of work-life balance is giving way to a more holistic work-life integration. In our increasingly connected world, the idea of work-life balance is outdated. We’ve moved beyond putting up walls between work and life. Work feeds into life and life feeds into work.

What we believe

At the heart of our mission lies ourthe belief in creating a world that works at its best. We truly believe that benefits play a pivotal role in reshaping the world of work. Instead of simply sustaining livelihoods, work now has the power to shape lives. In this post-pandemic world, the traditional idea of work-life balance is giving way to a more holistic work-life integration.

People now view work as a way of enhancing their lives, and there's an ever-increasing demand for employers to facilitate this transformation.

We've moved beyond achieving balance through the artificial separation of work and life to achieve balance. Instead, we think it’s much more important to embrace their connection. Ben is the connecting force through which companies can foster this dynamic with their teams.

Challenges we're tackling

Billions of pounds in benefits spend goes to waste every year. We want to change this. Today, we're rising to three main industry challenges:

Breaking down industry silos

The benefits market is a fragmented landscape with limited information sharing and communication among all stakeholders.

Simplifying complexity

Employers, brokers, and providers often find themselves overwhelmed by administrative burdens.

Unlocking untapped value

Demonstrating the return on investment and the true value of benefits remains a difficult task.

Where we started

Our story started with a simple realisation: the benefits system is fundamentally broken. In 2019, our co-founders, David and Seb, connected over this shared revelation.

Seb, who had served as the UK Managing Director at Secret Escapes, witnessed the complexities and administrative headaches that came with creating benefits programmes.

David, with his background at HSBC, saw the potential for payments infrastructure to streamline the benefits process for people leaders, providers, or employees alike.

David and Seb were motivated by these problems and are incredibly proud of the team, partners, and customer base they have cultivated to this day.

Where we are now

Today, we’re a team of nearly 100 people dedicated to revolutionising the world of benefits! 

We are touching the lives of employees all over the world, and see first-hand how amazing benefits can enhance lives. With tens of millions in benefits spend managed for our customers all around the world, we’re transforming the landscape of benefits and work-life integration. 

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