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Is this you today?

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With Ben, this can be you!

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🏢  Companies

Create a custom employee benefits package that suits everyone.

  • Add your current benefits
  • Choose from our marketplace
  • Set flexible allowances
  • Put benefits admin on autopilot

🧑‍💼  Employees

Get the most out of their employee benefits package.

  • Choose the benefits they want e.g., health insurance, counselling, or a subscription to their favourite meditation app
  • Spend their leftover allowance with the Ben Mastercard

Who is Ben?


Let your team choose how they spend their budget with flexible per-employee allowances. Unlock even more choice with personal Ben Mastercards.
Mobile phone showing Ben Benefits Allowances and the Ben Card

Benefits Providers

Browse our catalogue of providers and select a marketplace of benefits for your team to choose from.
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Insurance brokers

Manage all your insurance benefits on a single platform. Bring your existing benefits to Ben or access a global network of insurers at preferred rates.
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Ben integrates with your HRIS for seamless data exchange and automatic joiners and leavers enrolment.
HRIS providers that Ben integrates with

Payroll & Accounting

Automate your accounts and payroll reporting with Ben’s software integration. Push invoices and receipts directly into your accounts system.
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See Ben in action

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3 Steps to better employee benefits



Create the perfect package for you & your team. Choose your benefits, set a budget, then let your team pick what works for them!

  • Choose your core benefits e.g., insurance, pension, and more! Add existing benefits or choose from our marketplace
  • Set up personal flexible allowances e.g., wellbeing, learning & development, work from home, and a million other use-cases!
  • Set eligibility, funding, and spend rules
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Reward your team with the benefits they want, within the limits you set. Once launched, your team can:

  • Choose the benefits they want to spend their budget on
  • Enrol themselves - so you don’t have to
  • Use the leftover budget via their Ben Mastercard
Two Ben characters excited over the launch of their new employee benefits platform


With self-serve benefits enrollment & plenty of platform integrations, Ben runs on autopilot so you can focus on your people. Bye, admin!

  • Automate employee enrolment with eligibility rules
  • Integrate your HRIS/accounting systems with Ben for seamless information exchange
  • Measure employee engagement and get automated accounting reports
Ben character relaxing with a cup of tea knowing their employee benefits admin and reporting is taken care of


What happens with any unused budget?

Any leftover benefits budget can be spent however your team likes, using their individually allocated Ben Mastercards!

How does the marketplace work?

The Marketplace is where employees can view our wide catalogue of benefits all in one place. Here, they can choose from a range of available benefits. Employees can then easily opt-in and out of the benefits they wish to spend their allowance on.

How do you work with brokers?

We work with a variety of third parties to bring the perfect benefits to your team.

Can I bring my own benefits?

Yes! You can bring your own benefits to Ben. We simply integrate the ones you have, and cut the admin for you. Or you can choose from our catalogue of providers in the Marketplace (or both!).

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