Salary Sacrifice Secrets — the latest tips & best practices

Discover how salary sacrifice schemes like pension, workplace nursery and Electric Vehicles can help you achieve organisational goals.


Kannan Ganga
David Duckworth
COO & Co-Founder at Ben
Natalie Izzard
Stephen Watson

What is in the webinar?

Salary sacrifice schemes are the silent heroes of the benefits world


They offer great ROI

They’re tax-efficient (for employees AND employers)


Great for improving employee retention & satisfaction

So why aren’t people talking about them?

The truth is, salary sacrifice schemes are often seen as boring or a bit old-school…But these benefits can make a world of difference to both you and your team & they’re often easier to implement than you might think!

What we’ll cover

On 13th March at 11am, our Co-founder and host, David Duckworth, will be joined by:

Steve Watson — Head of Proposition at Cushon

Kannan Ganga — Co-founder at Yellow Nest

Natalie Izzard — Customer Success Manager at Octopus EV

They'll be covering the latest trends, insights & best practices for:

— Pension

— Workplace nursery schemes

— Electric Vehicle schemes

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