Tackling Taboos: Periods at Work

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Alicia Riley
People & Talent Lead at Ben
Marie Krebs
People Experience Design Lead at Learnerbly
Clare Knox
Business Psychologist & founder of See Her Thrive

What is in the webinar?

74% of people with periods hide their sanitary products when at work. With around half of the population experiencing periods throughout their lifetime, why does talking about it at work still feel so taboo?

The reality is that many people feel uncomfortable talking about their symptoms to colleagues and managers, often suffering in silence.

But, we spend a lot of time at work and our periods don’t exactly match our meeting schedules, so it’s up to employers to do more to tackle the taboo & open up the conversation at work.

What we’ll cover

Join us for this interactive webinar and hear from our panel of Women’s Health experts & Senior People Leaders as they offer practical advice on how companies can do more to support their team. We'll cover:

  • The signs & symptoms of PMS & periods
  • What it's like for people living and working with endometriosis
  • Other period conditions that make work challenging
  • Practical tips to encourage conversation and support people with periods at work

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