Think benefits platforms are a bit rubbish? So do we.

Meet Ben, the all-in-one flexible benefits platform that delights your people, global and fully-automated
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Supercharge your benefits, save time and money

Add flexibility to your existing benefits and offer anything through the Ben Card, for less than what you spend today
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Not to brag, but teams around the world love us

Everything your team needs to feel brilliant at work, without the hassle

Like pick & mix, but sweeter

Carol in Finance loves skydiving. John in Marketing wants to upgrade his life insurance. So let them. With Ben, your employees can choose whatever they want, or you can offer them a range to choose from.


"I love admin", said no-one, ever

Spreadsheets aren't sexy and break. So don't use them. Ben is fully automated and integrates with all your systems to manage enrollment, payments, reporting and everything in between

Create the most engaging benefits programme for your team

Ben redefines how your employees engage with your benefits programme, letting them make their own choices.


Your budget? Don't budge it

Money talks, and so do we. Account for every penny in real time, gain access to preferred rates and only spend on benefits your team truly wants and uses.


A whole new way of saying "thank you"

Wrapping up a project. Or wrapping up a birthday present. Whatever reason you're giving a little extra, Ben makes it meaningful for them and easy for you

A meaningful way to reward your team

Boost engagement and team morale with Ben - it's never been more important.

Give everybody their own budget, access to a huge marketplace that's actually good - and best of all, turn anything you dream up into a benefit for your team with individual Ben Mastercards.

  • Set personalised benefits budgets for each employee
  • Massive marvellous marketplace of benefits
  • Turn anything into a benefit with Ben Mastercards

Say hello to admin-free benefits. Say goodbye to tax, payroll and accounting admin. We even onboard and pay the benefit providers for you.

  • API integrations. Make tax, payroll & accounting a breeze
  • Benefits management sorted. Ben automates enrollment and payments.
  • You call the shots. Set employee-specific rules on who receives what.

Big savings no matter the size of your team. Get unrivalled rates on insurance, corporate marketplace discounts - and reports, to watch the savings stack up.

  • Get up to 20% lower rates on a wide range of products like PMI, Life Insurance or Dental
  • Ben Protect, cost-effective insurance tailored for innovative companies
  • Crystal clear reports on costs and engagement

Birthday's, work anniversaries or a kudos for a job well-done, whatever the occasion, celebrate them by giving your team one-off rewards on their personal Ben Mastercard.

  • Replaces today's gift cards and vouchers with one-off bonuses
  • Raise a smile by attaching a customisable GIF and thoughtful message