How Ben helped Lightricks get ready to scale

With Jack Bostock, General Manager at Lightricks


In 2020, creative app company Lightricks were not only expanding quickly,  they also had the needs of a remote team to care for. With Ben’s flexible benefits package they…

  • Built a supportive and productive company culture
  • Prepared for an ambitious scale-up
  • Centralised their benefits
  • Saved heaps of HR time

The challenge

With plans to double the UK based team by the end of the year, UK General Manager Jack was faced with everything that comes with shaping the People side of a company that’s evolving quickly: employee operations, culture and wellbeing. At a time when the future of the workplace had become so unpredictable, it was important for Jack to implement a cost-effective strategy that would fit a hybrid team - working both remotely and in the office.

Having already explored a number of benefits, rewards and voucher solutions extensively, and finding that they lacked the personal touch that people really valued, Jack was on the search for a company that had the knowledge and infrastructure to deliver.

“You can see the quantifiable value of what you're offering employees.”

Jack Bostock
General Manager

How Ben Helped

"More tailored for our team"

One of the most important elements Lightricks team wanted to incorporate into their benefits strategy was flexibility. “Previously, when shopping vouchers were awarded to employees, the reaction was generally, ‘Thanks for the gesture, but it’s not something I’m going to spend’, so we had to find something tailored to our people as well as an effective investment of our budget”, explained Jack.

With Ben’s unique infrastructure, the People team is now able to give rewards that are personalised. The added bonus for Jack was that he saw the quantifiable value of what they had been offering employees through Ben’s real-time usage data. Rather than handing out vouchers and hoping for the best, they loved how Ben shows their team’s needs, tastes and wants.

"In terms of admin, it's a game-changer"

Jack’s role pulls him in a lot of different directions, and so he really needed a solution that would  take up little time and resources.  Jack tells us, “there’s a huge relief in knowing that you can configure Ben exactly to suit you, whilst employees can also manage things themselves day-to-day”. With Ben, Lightricks employees can get on with choosing and enjoying their benefits, and Jack can get on with everything else.

Another big time-saver for them is using Ben as a way to consolidate all their benefits information and policies for offerings such as pension and medical insurance. It means everything they need is all in one place, and it saves hours of admin time every month in directing everyone to the right info.

The results

Introducing Ben has been a huge hit with the team. The platform empowers employees with the flexibility to choose what’s right for them and their lifestyle.

Best of all, it’s helped Lightricks maintain and develop a strong company culture even through the upheaval of 2020 and the pandemic. Because it’s flexible and scalable, Lightricks has a system ready to adapt as they grow their team whether they are in the office or at home.

Sustained engagement

“With one system you can start to really understand how your employees interact with certain benefits plus you can keep tweaking your offerings until you’ve found what really makes your team happy.”

Jack Bostock
General Manager
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