How Pleo brought flexible benefits to their team across 28 countries

With Hannah Randera, People Ops Manager at Pleo


Pleo offer an all-in-one business spending solution that automates expenses & simplifies bookeeping. With 6 European offices and remote employees in 22 other countries, Pleo came to Ben looking to bring flexible benefits to their entire team.

Ben helped Pleo to: 

  • Choose the benefits that work for each individual
  • Navigate tricky global tax and compliance needs
  • Streamline benefits administration

The challenge

With a culture built on transparency and trust, Pleo wanted an employee benefits solution that empowered their team to make decisions as individuals. They needed something:

Flexible & Global

With a global & remote team, Pleo needed a solution that made it simple to deliver each individual the benefits that matter to them most, while taking care of fundamental benefits (e.g., healthcare), too.


As a rapidly growing scale-up with multiple offices, they also needed support & guidance to navigate setting up a complex benefits programme - including tax implications, healthcare for everyone, and localisation across different regions.

Zero Hassle

Pleo wanted to cut out all the admin - with 10+ existing insurance and benefits providers and a large global team, it was becoming time-consuming and difficult to keep on top of it all. 

"Healthcare is quite a messy and scary thing - making sure people are on-boarded at the right time and working with the right partner. Ben has been great in leading us in that direction."

Hannah Randera
People Ops Manager

How Ben Helped


Ben took over the admin & added flexibility to Pleo’s existing benefits. We introduced flexible annual budgets so the team can spend it on whatever they want, e.g., everything from climbing courses to donating to charity.

The flexibility has inspired people to get creative with their budget - even combining benefits like annual leave and charitable giving for maximum effect! Ben now manages all their benefits in one place - making it super simple and user-friendly for employees.

Cut the Admin 

Before Ben, Pleo had to manage 10 separate insurance providers - it was a logistical nightmare! Ben streamlined this process, by connecting with Pleo’s HRIS and automating all benefits management.

Now Pleo’s People Ops can spend time on other things, knowing they're improving engagement and employee happiness, without the admin! 

Benefits Design 

Ben helped Pleo design and create a benefits package that works for everyone. The People team loves customising their store of providers to suit their team’s wants and needs. Their benefits package now includes: 

  • Flexible allowances e.g., a lunch budget
  • Private Medical Insurance across 4 countries 
  • Buy and sell additional holidays
  • And more!

Ongoing Support 

Navigating the tax implications of employee benefits is actually pretty tricky. Ben gave detailed support at every step of the process and helped with navigating tax, setting up healthcare, and localising their benefits to suit a global team.

The results

Ben is now managing over 20 of Pleo's benefits across more than 28 different countries! The Pleo team love Ben’s flexibility. The best part for them is finally getting an insight into what matters to their team - whether it's a new tattoo, a German course, or even a puppy!

Ben helped Pleo to roll out their new benefits package with a launch day tour of the platform and team demo - answering any questions they had. The ongoing guidance from Ben meant the team at Pleo felt supported at every step of the way.

Benefits managed / countries

“We have a featured tile where you can donate to humanitarian aid. It’s a nice way to show how we can encourage people to donate positively.”

Hannah Randera
People Ops Manager
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