How remote-first Chattermill deliver brilliant benefits that suit everyone

With Fraser Hopper, Head of Operations at Chattermill


Chattermill are growing at breakneck speed, gathering powerful customer data to improve their delighted clients. What about rewarding their delightful team, on their own terms? Speedily growing and distributed the world over, Chattermill are using Ben to retain and reward their top team - without worrying about the admin. 

Now they use Ben, Chattermill are delivering the perfect benefits programme for everyone which: 

  • Empowers employees to choose benefits that work for them 
  • Cut back on all the unnecessary admin time on benefits and wellbeing
  • Had a huge impact on team bonding and team atmosphere (in their own words)
  • Delivers real value to everyone, no matter where they are in the world

The challenge

Rapid growth can be exciting - and after the team at Chattermill worked so hard to make it happen, leadership wanted to reward them properly. However, rapid growth meant avoiding unnecessary time on tax, payroll and compliance admin was a must.

Everyone’s idea of dream benefits are different, and this team was no different. How do you engage every employee in your benefits scheme? By giving them exactly what they crave with custom Ben cards loaded with a trackable allowance. Simple. 

Staying on top of their game and retaining their brilliant workforce doesn’t have to be an uphill struggle. For many startups like Chattermill, their pockets aren’t as deep as big tech companies. Trying to size up against Google's never-ending list of benefits can be scary. By making the perks fully customisable and tracking spend, Chattermill can make sure every penny they spend is being used as effectively as possible. Preferred rates and a friendly pricing model means that finance can breath easy knowing they're saving money, and, only spending on what they use.

“Every time we spend money on Ben, we actually see we’re getting value from it, which is ultimately the best way possible for us as a growing business to know that our investment is working for us and our employees."

Fraser Hopper
Head of Operations

How Ben Helped

Personalised benefits to delight everyone, everywhere

A monthly wellbeing budget gives employees the freedom and flexibility to spend on whatever keeps them happy. Whether that's therapy, sports kit, supplements, meal kits or something totally different - Chattermill knows that using Ben puts the decision making (and trust) firmly in their employees’ hands, bringing their remote global team buckets of joy.

Fast & flexible to react to new needs

Whether there’s a special event or remote team social - it’s a doddle for Chattermill to allocate extra funds using Ben. It's done in just a couple of clicks, without any admin dampening the mood. And it’s easy to add little bonuses too, like an extra £25 to their wellness budget for every year they stay with the company.

The results

The results are in: everyone at Chattermill loves to love Ben. They’ve even got a dedicated Notion page to share the benefits they choose. From healthy meal kits to vitamin packs, and even art classes - nobody knows what they want more than they do!  

Now that they’re using Ben, Chattermill offers scalable, world-class benefits without spending more than they need to. Not a spreadsheet in sight.

Average team rating

“Ben is easily the most engaged initiative we’ve ever had. It gets everything to everyone in different locations, and I can’t even tell you how much time it’s saved us.”

Fraser Hopper
Head of Operations
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