How Ben delivered a-maze-ing global benefits to the Maze team

With April Hoffbauer, Head Of People at Maze


Maze are fairly (and brilliantly) rewarding their 82-strong team around the world, to keep them delivering powerful user testing and insights to product teams everywhere. But how? The answer is simple: by using Ben to bring rewards that flex with everyone’s individual needs, and scale as they grow too. 

With Ben, the team at Maze benefitted from: 

  • Comprehensive global benefits for all
  • A remote setup budget
  • Combined health, life and disability insurance

The challenge

Maze needed a total rewards system that benefited every single one of their team members around the world fairly and with minimal admin. Flexible global rewards (with all the time consuming tax and admin covered) - is exactly what set Ben apart from the rest. 

And as they were growing at breakneck speed, Maze had to hit the ground running to get their dream benefits set up fast - so they came to Ben to sort it all for them. With customisable budgets and automatic reporting - they didn’t even have to worry about the paperwork. 

"Ben was the only provider I found that would support our kind of global reach."

April Hoffbauer
Head Of People

How Ben Helped

Budgets that work - for everyone, everywhere

Ben helped Maze reach each of their team members spread out across the 25 countries equally. Every team member gets a totally flexible monthly budget that responds to their needs.

Giving the power back to team members has been powerful, they are now able to control their total rewards package like never before.

In addition to flexible monthly spending accounts, Ben made it easy to bring peace of mind to every team member around the world with a set of core benefits.  With our powerful insurance brokering every team member gets exactly what they deserve, no matter who or where they are with heath, life, and disability insurance. Maze added all of this to their existing core benefit of free access to unlimited mental health care.

All the expenses and admin, all sorted

For the team at Maze, there’s no need to faff with expensive expense reimbursement software - because they can use Ben to give on-demand funds.

It’s automagic, beautiful and brilliant - even if we do say so ourselves. And best of all, the team members are not left with money out of pocket waiting to be reimbursed.

The results

Now, Maze are delighting their whole team with all the perks and none of the fuss with a totally flexible monthly budget and absolutely no admin. 

Most importantly - everybody’s happy. The Maze team love Ben’s world-class benefits offering so much that they coined the phrase “thanks Ben” whenever someone talks about a purchase (a phrase they reckon now features in their Slack messages hundreds of times).

Team engagement

“We landed on a budget per team member with no limitations because, if you want a co-working space or a monthly cleaner and that’s what you need in order to be successful; that’s what you should spend your flexible benefits on.”

April Hoffbauer
Head Of People
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