7 ways companies are changing their employee benefits packages after Covid-19

Ben surveyed 100+ companies to find out how they are changing their benefits and employee support offerings due to COVID-19

Remote Benefits

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Since covid-19 made working from home the norm, businesses have been mostly making things up as they go along. And they’ve been amazing. Friday drinks on Zoom, remote offsites and wellbeing budgets are just some of the innovative ways that companies have been helping their teams through the pandemic. Now that some regulations are (tentatively) easing and the possibility of a second lockdown looms, businesses are planning how they’ll keep supporting their teams in 2021 - whatever it holds.  

The ongoing uncertainty isn’t anyone’s cup of tea. But the upside of making plans now (compared to March) is that you can compare your strategy to what other companies are doing. So instead of learning through trial and error, now you can take a leaf or two out of others’ books. To make things easier for you, we’ve put together the Ben Benefits Outlook where we surveyed 100+ companies who have told us their plans for employee benefits and support. Keep reading to find out the 7 top ways businesses are adjusting their benefits offerings in 2020.

  1. Mental health support
  2. Remote social activities
  3. Wellbeing budgets
  4. Learning and Development
  5. Flexible working options
  6. Childcare support
  7. Healthcare benefits 

53% companies are adding mental health support 

You don’t need a therapist to tell you that the pandemic has been hard on people’s mental health. And with everyone working remotely, it’s been harder to keep a track of your team’s mental wellbeing and offer the support you would in the office. Noone wants their workers to have to take time off because of mental ill-health, or worse, end up dismissing an employee with mental health problems. By providing mental health support, you can help them out with e-counselling, meditation apps and other mental health services to whoever needs it.  

47% are funding more (remote) social activities

You might have had enough Zoom quizzes to last a lifetime, but while covid-19 keeps running its course, there’s a strong chance that more will be coming your way. Quizzes aside, keeping budget aside to fund remote socials can do a lot to keep your company culture and community alive. 

44% adding wellbeing budgets

As well as mental health provisions, helping your team stay fit, motivated and happy wherever they’re working will help them keep working at their best. Access to online fitness classes, a yoga subscription or even a budget for houseplants are all great ways to keep your team’s wellbeing in check, whether they’re still working from home or spending a couple of days in the office each week.  

19% are adding Learning and Development budgets

There’s no better use of extra time at home than growing your professional skills! 🤓 Well, there might be a few things, but a great way to keep your team motivated - and get more out of them - is by providing learning and development opportunities. They could take a course with LinkedIn’s professional education site Lynda, or book in a 1-1 zoom meeting with business coach or mentor.   

A third are adding more flexible working options

Now that everyone’s had a taste of the WFH life, it might be hard to take it away again. Especially if some members of your team work better at home, keeping it on as a regular option makes sense for a lot of businesses. As well as working from home, once office working becomes more normal again, everyone will still have different levels of protection from covid-19 they need to maintain, plus any extra caring responsibilities at home. That’s why keeping a flexible approach to working hours, days and location is the way forward for so many businesses.  

A third are adding extra childcare support

Anyone who balanced working from home with parenting during lockdown deserves a medal by now. And with the school day and the working day never quite matching up, supporting parents in your team will help them keep giving their best to your business - distraction-free. This could mean finding a core service like a local nursery, or vouchers for a babysitting platform like Koru Kids. 

A third are adding healthcare benefits

The pandemic has certainly made everyone more aware of their mortality than ever. Helping your team get the healthcare and dental they need will provide a big relief to many, while preventative healthcare benefits such as Thriva home blood tests will help them stay healthy in the long-term. 

If you’d like to find out the rest about how businesses are planning for 2020, you can get the full results of the Ben Benefits Outlook here for free. Or if you’d like to provide your team with any of the benefits mentioned above, get in touch with Ben to try out the best way to care for your teams.

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