The Top 5 Childcare Benefit Providers

With many parents forced between taking time off of work and expensive childcare, it's no wonder that childcare is quickly becoming a popular employee benefit. But which provider to choose for your team? In this guide, we'll walk you through our top picks, so you have all the facts to make an informed decision.

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Feb 01, 2024 ⋅ min read

Childcare are expensive.

In today’s economy, working parents are finding it harder than ever to pay for things like nurseries and school holidays. Many parents even find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place–deciding whether to take time off work or pay for pricey childcare. 

So it makes a world of difference when employers offer some form of childcare benefits. 

We’ve rounded up a list of our top picks childcare benefits providers, so your business can support working parents to help you build a happy, engaged and stress-free workforce.

What types of childcare benefits can employers provide?

There are so many different avenues that you as an employer can take to alleviate some of the financial stress of your employees’ childcare. Let’s walk through some of them together.

Workplace nursery schemes 

Through a salary sacrifice scheme, employers can set up a workplace nursery scheme by providing on-site or local childcare facilities for their employees to use. You can set up a workplace nursery either directly or through a third-party provider. They’re usually open during office hours to align with normal working schedules.

Thinking of setting up your workplace nursery? We can help!‍ At Ben, we’ve partnered with leading workplace nursery scheme providers to help secure the best deal for you and your team.

Flexible allowances

This is essentially a pot of money that working parents can use for childcare, babysitters, after-school clubs – whatever helps them take childcare concerns off their plate. For example, you might choose to give employees £2,000 each year to spend on whatever they like; some might choose to spend it on gym memberships or extra holiday days, but working parents have the option to put their allowance towards the cost of childcare.

Flexible working options 

Remote working can be a huge help to working parents. McKinsey & Company found that of more than 20 possible reasons given for leaving their job in the past six months, parents cited caring for their family as one of their top reasons. More money and annual leave isn’t enough to keep them, either. As an employer, now’s your chance to address the flexibility needs of your employees with children.

Without the restrictions of a strict schedule, employees are free to pick up and drop off their kids at school and easily be able to make up the missed time later on. 

Offering flexible working options is sure to be a winning strategy with any employee, but working parents in particular are likely to thank you for it.

Parenting apps

If you’re looking for a lower lift (and lower cost) way of providing childcare help to employees, why not pay for their subscriptions to parenting apps? Whether these offer tips for new parents, access to communities, or online games to keep children entertained, apps can be invaluable for parents.

How to choose the best childcare provider for your team

Each company is different, every parent has different needs, and so do their children. But your search doesn’t have to be so difficult. 

When choosing a provider keep the following things in mind: 

Security, safety and trust: Needless to say, no parent will leave their childcare in the hands of a provider they don’t trust to keep their child safe and supported. 

Ease of use: If the provider you choose makes your employees jump through a load of red tape and complicated steps to use their service, they probably won’t use it. A seamless, intuitive process shows that you value your employees' time and makes them more likely to use the benefit. 

Flexibility and choice: Again, no two parents’ childcare needs are the same. As an employer, you need to choose a provider that is flexible enough to cater to your employee’s individual needs, rather than giving them a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution (which will inevitably miss people out).

Ben’s top 5 childcare benefits providers

Now that you have a better idea of what childcare benefits can look like for your team, let’s walk through some of our top picks here at Ben.


Whether you are looking for a great babysitter or a babysitting job, Babysits makes it easy and transparent. You are in full control of your profile, prices, who you choose to work with, and how you interact with other members.

Read reviews and detailed profiles with trustworthy user verifications. Screen, interview and make your choice. Plan and pay appointments via the platform. Babysits bring you peace of mind at every step, from finding a babysitter or babysitting job to planning appointments.


Babbu is the first educational platform to be endorsed by The Montessori Group. They're a global leader in Montessori provision, supporting exceptional Montessori education throughout the world.

Think of Babbu as your wing parent. They’re here for you whenever you need them, wherever you are, helping you get through tough times and find joy in every day.

Koru Kids

Koru Kids aims to build a better childcare system. They’re on a mission to find every family the childcare they need to help their family flourish. Childcare that creates awesome mini-humans, puts emotional well-being first, is easy to arrange, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Quality childcare not only improves children’s lives but gives you the opportunity to pursue your career aspirations—so the whole family is happy and thriving.

A part-time nanny works in your home for just the hours you need. They can help with school or nursery pick-ups and homework. Their nannies can work with you regularly for as little as three hours a week. Only need help for a few weeks? They can help on a short-term basis too.


The perfect sitter for any occasion. Reclaim your social life, manage your career or even just for an extra pair of hands. Bubble provides:

  • Evening sitters
  • Daytime sitters
  • Back-up care
  • After-school help

Bubble is unique in that it allows parents to browse, book and pay for trusted childcare in minutes. With its seamless interface, the app provides a simple and secure way for parents to connect with local babysitters and nannies.


Parents 'onboard' with Öogo once their company signs up as a partner. They then invite each parent to join Öogo via a secure signup form. Parents then share their gaps and challenges.

Their team of Minder Finders™ get to work on finding a cluster of the most suitable matches – after all, there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’.

Parents are invited to log onto the Öogo platform via secure login.

Still don’t know where to start? Ben makes offering childcare benefits easy. We’ll help you find the perfect provider for your team through our global broker network. Book a demo now to start your journey towards offering a fully comprehensive package of benefits for the people who power your business.

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