Babysits is a childcare platform where families can find a quality, trustworthy babysitter in more than 80+ countries.
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Babysits is a childcare platform where families can find a quality, trustworthy babysitter in more than 80+ countries.

Whether you need a bilingual nanny, a flexible babysitter for the weekends, or a babysitter with experience working with kids with special needs, we’ve got you covered! 

Safety and transparency are our priorities. Babysits offers a transparent platform, so you can rest assured that your children are in good hands. We offer:

  • Government ID verification
  • Background/Criminal record checks
  • Helpful reviews and references
  • Secure payments & messaging

Trusted by over 4 million members

Whatever your situation, we’re there to support you. And we've supported more than 4 million members already!

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Benefits Research Executive at Ben

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