Employee Benefits Roadmap — navigating the journey to awesome benefits

Discover how salary sacrifice schemes like pension, workplace nursery and Electric Vehicles can help you achieve organisational goals.


David Duckworth
COO & Co-Founder at Ben
Elsa Del Pino
Charlie Cousins
Figen Zaim
Interim VP Global Total Reward at GoStudent

What is in the webinar?

Going into 2023, the cost of living crisis has accelerated, inflation is peaking, AND there is still a war for talent. The demand for benefits with longevity and true value to employees is greater than ever. But the road to getting there can seem a bit clunky — there are SO many providers out there. If only there was a roadmap to guide you through the benefits journey… Now there is!

What we’ll cover

You’ll hear from a panel of experts who’ll help you navigate each step of the journey to awesome benefits, including…

  • How you can find out what your team actually values
  • Top tips for getting buy-in
  • Total reward & setting a compensation philosophy
  • Navigating employee insurance
  • Benefits platform Vs DIY

Join teams around the world getting 90%+ engagement with their benefits programmes

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