Mental Health Policy

We’re 100% committed to fostering and nurturing an environment that promotes positive mental well-being and supports your mental health.

We aim to:

  • Treat mental health issues seriously
  • Proactively identify any issues that may contribute to poor mental health and resolve them
  • Support employees who face mental health issues
  • Promote and nurture a working environment which supports positive mental wellbeing
  • Organise regular events dedicated to the subject so that we can increase our awareness

What can affect your mental health?

Employees may experience mental health challenges for a variety of reasons that an employer cannot control (e.g. hereditary, family conflicts, general health). But, there are also work-related reasons that may contribute to poor mental health, such as:

  • Job insecurity
  • Excessive pressure
  • Poor work-life balance 
  • Lack of appreciation or recognition 
  • Hostile workplace environment
  • Unsatisfactory job or workload
  • Unpleasant relationships with colleagues or managers

It’s really important that if you experience any of the above, that you speak with your line manager or a member of the People Team as soon as possible.

Supporting you at work 

Your mental health is super important, so we’ve partnered with a leading mental health provider, [X provider or service], to give you access to support around the clock. You can also link it to your slack to get notifications throughout the day.

At work, we encourage you to:

  • Take regular breaks throughout the day
  • Take a reasonable amount of holiday spread evenly across the year
  • Ensure you have a healthy work-life balance
  • Be open and honest about how you’re feeling

Do what’s right for you 

The only way to break the stigma around these topics is to open up the conversation about it. We want to encourage open dialogue.

So, if there’s anything else we can do to help support your mental wellbeing, please chat to us & we’ll work together to support you!