Compensation Philosophy Policy

A compensation philosophy is essentially an organisation’s approach to compensation as a whole. So, the way we think about compensating you through pay, benefits, bonuses & equity.

The goal of [X Company]’s compensation philosophy is to give you a transparent and thoughtful framework for understanding how your compensation works.. 

We want our philosophy to be:

  • Fair
  • Competitive
  • Equitable for all employees 
  • Simple to understand

How am I compensated?

At [X Company] we want to fairly compensate you for the work you do. Here’s what we offer you: 


Our pay philosophy is [market pay / flexible pay / equal pay / performance-based].


We offer bonuses to eligible employees  as a way to incentivise high performance and reward achievement of key business goals.


We want you to grow as we grow.[X Company]. We recognise that it’s your everyday actions that lead to our success, this is why at [X Company] we offer:

RSU’s / Stock Options / Stock Options & RSU’s


As part of your total compensation package, you get:

  • Healthcare
  • Life insurance
  • Pension contributions 
  • Financial wellbeing support
  • Mental health support 
  • Flexible allowances (wellbeing / gym membership / work from home / L&D) 

Compensation decisions

All compensation decisions are made by [decision maker(s)]. Factors like education level, qualifications, experience, level, location and skills can affect how you are compensated. 

When will my compensation be reviewed?

We’ll review our compensation policy [annually / twice a year] to make sure we stay competitive & fair. 

Your compensation will be reviewed [annually / twice a year] to account for any market changes, inflation, or cost-of-living changes. 

We also conduct a pay equity audit [X times a year]. This is to make sure our compensation stays equal and unbiased.