Company Expenses Policy

Company expenses at [X company] are here to financially support your work-related activities. 

Spending guidelines

We trust you to make the right decisions when it comes to expenses. We hope that you adhere to the following principles:

  1. Spend company money like it is your own money.
  2. You don't have to ask permission before making purchases under [X amount] in the interest of the company, but please use your [expense card]. When in doubt, inform your manager before the purchase.  
  3. All expenses above [X amount] require you to inform your line manager beforehand & a receipt. 
  4. Please upload receipts within [X time frame] to [X receipt portal].
  5. For work equipment purchases - this is classed as company property, you will be required to return the item(s) if you leave the company (please see our Work Equipment policy for more info).

When can I use my expense card? 

You can use your expense card on the following approved purchases [delete as required]: 

  • Work-related travel, including rental cars and transport.
  • Work-related accommodation 
  • Food & drink 
  • Work equipment purchases

Non-approved Expenses

There are some exceptions to what you can expense, e.g. [delete as required]: 

  • Credit, debit and charge card fees (including interest, annual costs)
  • Laundry service/dry-cleaning (unless your trip is longer than X days)
  • Movies/videos, newspapers
  • Parking fines
  • The loss/theft of goods
  • Childcare or petcare
  • Damage to personal vehicles
  • Spa and health/fitness clubs
  • Clothes
  • Flowers, sweets, confectionary
  • Tourist attractions*
  • Bar bills*.

*Unless these expenses are made as part of client entertainment