It's how great teams stay on top

Average monthly engagement
Average savings
Reduction in admin

Choose the benefits that work for your team

Offering insurance has never been easier

Bring your own broker or leverage Ben’s global broker network at preferred prices
Provider communication and employee enrolment done automatically
Employees can view enrolment status and plan details directly in Ben

Offer anything as a benefit with flexible allowances

Each person on your team is unique. With the Ben Mastercard you can offer personal allowances to allow them to decide what works best for them (without extra work for you):
Options to curate a marketplace of products and services as inspiration for your team
Restrictions available to ensure allowances are spent in the right places
Approval and reimbursements handled for you

and also...


Send one-off allowances or vouchers with custom GIFs to show your appreciation


Let your employees save on the things that are the most important to them


Employees can set and adjust their contributions directly in Ben

Automate benefit enrolment

Auto-send benefit enrolment changes to providers

Ben manages enrolment and communication to all your providers directly.
Onboard your existing benefits and add new options
Automatic provider communications
Save time and reduce risk of human error

Manage eligibility in one place

Set eligibility rules to communicate benefits to specific team members based on any criteria:
Length of service
Probation period
Job levels

Employees choose what works for them with no work for you

Kill the busy work with rule-based self serve benefits enrolment. You can let your employees manage their own benefits package:
Choose their plan options
Upgrade cover
Add dependants, beneficiaries
Employee and employer contributions shown instantly, no need for back and forth emails between brokers and providers.

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Seamless integrations with Ben

Automate your joiners & leavers benefits processes

Ben connects with your HRIS system, updating automatically when new employees join or leave.

Ensures you aren't still paying for benefits for leavers and that no joiners are missed.

Sync payroll changes

Get on-demand access to automated reports for payroll and accounting.

Whether benefits are pre or post-tax, Ben consolidates benefits deductions so you and your team will always pay the right amount of tax.

No more complicated p11d or payroll adjustments or dealing with national minimum wage checks.

Engagement reporting

With Ben's reporting suite you can finally measure, track and optimise how your employees are engaging with their benefits.

Access and manage local benefits, globally

Global benefits at preferred rates

Ben's relationship with a wide range of insurance brokers and benefits providers unlocks access to global products at preferred rates.

Your personal benefits consultant

Why spend time researching requirements and vendors in every country?

Get support from our dedicated benefits consultant to find the right provider and package.

Tax compliance assured

Whether benefits are pre or post-tax, Ben consolidates benefits deductions so you and your team will always pay the right amount of tax.

No more complicated p11d or payroll adjustments, dealing with national minimum wage checks, etc...

How our customers are delighting their team with Ben

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