Work from home budgets

Need a new lamp for your desk? Work from home budget. Desperate for super fast broadband? Work from home budget. Noise cancelling headphones to drown out your noisy neighbour? You get the gist...

What are Work from home budgets?

Work from home budgets are a great way to offer a helping hand to your remote or hybrid employees with the costs that come with working from home. 

These WFH allowances can be used for home office items like desks, chairs, monitors and headphones, or for bills accrued from remote working like electricity or wifi! 

Why should you offer work from home budgets?

Work from home budgets are there to make remote and hybrid working a more comfortable experience for employees!

Benefits to your team:

  • Employees are empowered to choose the items that help them to work from home in the best way possible. 
  • Takes the financial pressure off them for work-related costs. 
  • Gives them the opportunity to create a comfortable home office space.

Benefits to you:

  • Improve employee satisfaction (and therefore retention) as they won't be left out of pocket for work-related costs. 
  • Stay competitive in the talent market! 
  • Increased employee productivity as you're encouraging them to work in the most comfortable way for them!

Why offer work from home budgets through Ben?

Ben makes offering WFH allowances easy. You start by working with a benefits consultant to help you determine an appropriate allowance amount and any restrictions you want to implement, including only being spendable on certain retail categories.

Employees are then given a virtual or physical card that they can use to create their work from home setup. Receipts are uploaded straight to Ben, and with our consolidated reporting you can easily track usage and balances across your team.

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