Food & Drink budgets

Support your team with the cost of food & drink with subsidised allowances. 

What are Food & Drink budgets?

Food and drinks budgets are allowances you allocate to employees, usually on a weekly or monthly basis, which can be used to buy food & drink! 

Our flex allowances can be used for the likes of lunch budgets, where employees can choose their own food & drink. This is a great benefit for remote employees who can order food to their home, or as an incentive to encourage employees to come into the office more frequently. Food & drink budgets can also be used towards the cost of food shops & everyday expenses. 

Why should you offer food & drink budgets?

Benefits to employees:

  • Great incentive to come into the office 
  • Helps employees with the rising cost of living 
  • Can save money on everyday costs = more money in their pocket!

Benefits to you:

  • Happier employees means higher employee retention!
  • Employees encouraged to come into the office more frequently, which helps to nurture the company culture!
  • Attract top talent with a competitive benefit offering

Why offer food & drink budgets through Ben?

Ben makes offering a food & drink allowance easy. You start by working with a benefits consultant to help you determine an appropriate allowance amount and any restrictions you want to implement, including only being spendable on certain retail categories.

Employees are then given a virtual or physical card that they can use towards their food & drinks purchases. Receipts are uploaded straight to Ben, and with our consolidated reporting you can easily track usage and balances across your team.

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