How Ben helped Impala create their dream benefits package

With Shefika Hasan, Senior People Operations Manager at Impala


As a rapidly growing company with over 70 employees across 11 countries, Impala needed to attract and retain incredible talent - to keep growing their cutting-edge hotel API platform at tremendous speed.

Using Ben, Impala could finally build the perfect benefits programme for each employee so they could:

  • Empower employees to choose benefits that worked best for them
  • Drastically reduce time spent on administering benefits
  • Helped employees forge real connections - even from home

The challenge

Impala had a few benefits in place (like private medical care), but they wanted a best-in-class package with benefits that worked for every employee- and across 11 countries, that’s no mean feat. 

Without Ben, trying to stay on top of finance and tax rules in every jurisdiction while monitoring their spend would have been quite the headache - and can you imagine the hordes of admin work? 

“Ben have been instrumental in enabling us to make our benefits offering as flexible and as customisable as needed to suit the needs of our diverse teams.”

Shefika Hasan
Senior People Operations Manager

How Ben Helped

Personalised benefits, to wow every employee

Impala split their perks offering into 5 key categories for employees to choose from. Whether they wanted to choose Health for a new gym subscription or pick up a new skill with Learning & Development, Impala used Ben to put the decision making into their employees’ hands.

Perks, made autonomous

And what if their team members preferred to not choose from the pre-selected offering? Well, Impala issued them with a Ben Mastercard for maximum flexibility, of course. This means no matter where their employees were based, Impala knew every penny (and cent!) of their benefits budget was spent meaningfully - on things their team members actually wanted.

The results

With Ben, Impala are offering world-class scalable benefits without doing hours of work poring over dull spreadsheets and tracking individual subscription payments. Can you imagine trying to manually manage payment flows for benefits across 5 budgets? Neither can we - that’s why we built Ben. And the results speak for themselves. Employees had an astounding 95% sustained monthly engagement with the benefits programme, executives had full benefits spend visibility right in Xero - and their admin time? Well, it’s not even worth mentioning anymore.

Monthly engagement

“The team have been great at asking for feedback and ensuring the user experience keeps evolving. ”

Shefika Hasan
Senior People Operations Manager
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