The Top 4 Tech Scheme Employee Benefit Providers

With the newest tech getting more and more expensive, it’s difficult to keep ahead of the curve. Tech schemes can help your employees keep up-to-date with their tech and also advance their skillset on the job. Read on to see Ben's top picks for tech scheme employee benefit providers.

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Feb 23, 2024 ⋅ 3 min read

With the newest tech getting more and more expensive, it’s difficult to keep ahead of the curve. Prohibitively expensive computers and smartphones mean your employees could be doing without the essential tools they need to advance their skillsets 

The solution? Tech salary sacrifice schemes. In this article, we’ll explore how tech schemes work, as well as Ben’s top picks for these employee benefit providers, so you can find the best fit for your team.

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What is a tech scheme?

A tech scheme is a type of salary sacrifice scheme that allows your employees to purchase home and tech items interest free by automatically setting aside part of their salary. It also allows them to spread the cost, so it’s less of a shock to their paycheque.

Through a tech scheme, your employees aren’t relegated to a specific type or brand of tech – they can choose the items that work best for them.

Why are tech scheme benefits important to offer your employees?

Tech schemes empower your employees with an affordable way to pay for the tech and home items they want. The cost is spread over 12-36 month interest-free payments, making obtaining top tech much easier. Meanwhile, as an employer, you also get to save on National Insurance contributions due to the salary sacrifice nature of the benefit.

Tech schemes also help improve IT literacy in your employees, which means it can boost their productivity and improve their overall skills.

Top 4 tech scheme benefit providers

Blackhawk Network’s Techscheme

With partners such as Currys and Ikea, Blackhawks’ Techscheme removes the financial obstacles associated with buying new home and tech items. Employees can buy the products they want and need – without resorting to expensive finance options like loans or credit. 

Take this for a fun fact…60% of employees say that having access to Techscheme makes them feel more loyal to their employer!

Enjoy Benefits

Enjoy Benefits specialises in salary sacrifice schemes, including tech, cycle, and nursery schemes. Their tech scheme allows your employees to save up to 12% off the cost of the latest tech items, delivered straight to their door.

Employees can choose from a range of items, including computers, tablets, smartphones, televisions, music systems and more.


With providers including Apple, Lenovo, Samsung, Microsoft, and more, TechBenefits aims to help employees to take home exciting technology with no financial hassle and no waiting. They’re bringing joy to desks of forward-thinking businesses across Britain.

With just a small salary contribution every month, employees can unbox the latest technology at home. No waiting. No hassle. No sacrifice. With TechBenefits, everyone gets what they want.


Whether it's office equipment, multimedia devices or special applications - you'll find a wide range of choices with the Conrad sourcing platform, available for business operating in Germany.

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