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Workplace Nursery with Enjoy Benefits

Open the door to thousands of pounds of savings on your childcare costs.
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Enjoy Benefits specialises in helping parents, employers and nurseries benefit from existing childcare legislation that would otherwise be too costly and time-consuming to implement themselves.

  • You can use the Workplace Nursery benefit at your choice of nursery
  • Any children up to the age of 5 can be covered by the Workplace Nursery Scheme
  • Your average fees must be over £650 per month to benefit from this scheme but there is no maximum fees that you can save Tax and NI on
  • Enjoy Benefits does all of the work to ensure you just make the savings

Ben's take

I don’t have kids so I phoned a friend for her take. Ben mum Alicia raves about Workplace Nursery through Enjoy Benefits; she says the scheme has been a game changer for her and her family, who save 40% of their son’s nursery fees through it. She says it makes a massive difference to them financially, and it’s been a great support in her return to work full time and balancing that with the cost of childcare. “As a parent this is one of the best workplace benefits I have had.” 

Saskia Hennecke
Benefits Research Executive at Ben

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