New look. Same Ben.

The world of work is changing. Work has the power to shape lives. That's why the Ben brand is getting a major revamp.


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Ben recently turned four. What started with just five employees during the first lockdown has grown into 100 employees delivering benefits to 200+ companies and 50k+ employees. But we’re just getting started on our mission of creating a world working at its best.

Our product has evolved from a payment card that delivers benefits allowances into a world-class global flexible platform used by some of the most respected employers in the world. An unordinary platform that lifts people up. So we felt it was about time our brand got a fresh lick of paint too.

We couldn’t be more excited to share it with the world today!

— Sebastian & David

The world of work is changing. Benefits need to keep up.

Behind us is a world where work maintains livelihoods, with benefits that provide safety and security — to catch us when we fall. The world ahead of us is one where work and life are in harmony. Where benefits help shape our lives, even outside of work.

Ben exists to help accelerate this change through our mission to create a world working at its best. Ben’s infrastructure and software connects the entire benefits ecosystem, creating better outcomes for employers, employees, brokers, and providers.

By enabling employees to choose the benefits they actually want and need, they start to feel seen and heard — not just as employees, but as people. They find purpose in their work. And they feel more connected to each other, to the company, and to their company values.

In return, they give back much more, building a world working at its best.

Redefining Ben’s identity

The Ben brand has always been at the heart of our proposition. From day one we needed to engage employees while being trustworthy to employers. We had to flex from the playfulness in fitness and yoga all the way to serious topics such as life insurance and pregnancy loss.

Where almost every player in the benefits industry plays it safe, we are colourful and bold. We want to show our customers and their employees how amazing the future of benefits will be. We couldn’t be more excited about where we’ve landed.

Selection of our new colourful brand assets

Same Ben, New Look

The core concept behind our new brand is that when you switch to Ben, you “switch life on”. The world of work turns from grey to colourful, from bland to radiant. 

Ben is the energy source that powers benefits which help shape lives and lift everybody up. Without it, the world can’t shine as brightly as it could or run as smoothly as it should. 

A New logo

The hero of the Ben brand is our logo. It’s the visual representation of our core brand idea. See it emanating energy whilst also inviting you to “switch life on”.

Ben switch logo green background with white writing

The Ben Glow

When navigating benefits, employers and employees can feel like they are left in the dark. Our new Ben Glow symbolises the vibrant and positive energy that starts when you switch life on with Ben.

Ben orange and green glow gradient


Warmth, empathy and joy emanate from our imagery. Our photography reflects the diversity of human experience, inviting individuals to see themselves leading lives filled with substance and purpose.


Sometimes a photo just doesn’t cut it when it comes to delivering the right message. It’s for this reason that illustrations have always been an important part of our branding.

Our new ‘Benimals’ capture how unique our interests and circumstances are, as well as the moments we feel safe to reunite with our true selves. Because, with energy, life returns. Our Benimal illustrations capture our individual quirks. They show a spectrum of key moments — all the way from when we’re at our best to when we feel our most vulnerable.

three illustrations. Elephant roller skating, pelican on a call, gorilla playing guitar

Our voice 

Think of the Ben voice like a circuit processing data from the world of work – transforming and transferring it into words that are full of Smarts and Sparks.

When we write with Smarts, it’s all about showing our expertise with empathy. And writing with Sparks is when we illuminate benefits with confidence by bringing energy to the page. This way, our messaging is knowledgeable and expansive, ready to illuminate on all things benefits.

Learn more about our new brand in our brand book here.

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