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UNDO remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, with flexible subscriptions to help you reduce your footprint.
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UNDO is a world-leading carbon dioxide removal company. 

Enhanced rock weathering is UNDO’s permanent, rapid and scalable carbon dioxide removal technology. It has the potential to lock away up to 5 billion tonnes of CO₂ per year, equating to 50% of global CO₂ removal targets. 

With a flexible monthly subscription, you can reduce your carbon footprint and keep our planet fit for future generations. 

Your subscription will pay for the spread of crushed basalt rock on agricultural land. Rainwater combines with CO₂ as it falls through the atmosphere, forming carbonic acid. When this dilute acid hits the ground, the CO₂ interacts with the basalt rock, mineralises and is safely stored in carbonate form for 100,000+ years.

For every four tonnes of basalt you help UNDO spread, approximately one tonne of CO₂ is captured. This mineral-rich volcanic rock also improves soil fertility and crop growth for a happier, healthier planet. 

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