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UNDO is a world-leading carbon dioxide removal company. Utilising the unique method of enhanced rock weathering to permanently sequester CO₂. It has the potential to lock away up to 5 billion tonnes of CO₂ per year, equating to 50% of global CO₂ removal targets.

Employee benefits can be a powerful tool in this journey. Our flexible monthly subscription is a chance to make a direct, tangible difference to our planet. Each month, the subscription contributes to reducing carbon footprints and keeping our planet fit for future generations.

But how does enhanced rock weathering work to remove CO₂? As rainwater falls, it merges with CO₂, forming a dilute carbonic acid. When this acid meets the crushed basalt rock we spread on farmlands, it reacts. The CO₂ transforms, mineralising into stable carbonates which remain securely stored for over 100,000 years. For every four tonnes of basalt spread, we capture around a tonne of CO₂.

Beyond just removing carbon, the basalt releases beneficial minerals during this process, enhancing soil fertility and, in turn, crop yields. This process is a dual victory for the planet and also for the dedicated farmers partnering with us.

Considering UNDO as an employee benefit is more than a step towards sustainability - it's a shared commitment to a greener, and more sustainable future.

Ben's take

The earth has its own carbon capture technology: rock weathering. But the problem is, it takes millions of years. Undo has developed a super cool system to accelerate that process by spreading crushed basalt rock across farmland in Scotland, Northern England and the US to increase the surface area of C02 absorbing rock AND improve crop and soil health! A win-win-win. 

Saskia Hennecke
Benefits Research Executive at Ben

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