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SoulCycle is a full body indoor cycling workout.
Health & Wellbeing
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SoulCycle move people to move the world.Mind Altering Fitness. Their bikes may be stationary but they will take you as far as your mind wants to travel. All it takes is one ride to go there. Will it be easy? Definitely not. But will it be fun? Abso-f#(!n-lutely. 45 minutes—to go from stuck to soaring. Timid to tenacious. Tired to inspired.Picture this - shoes clipped in, head down, palms gripped tight. Loud enveloping music, legs burning, heart pumping and your mind is going places. One push after another you keep up with the climb, hit the peak—and look at you now, exhilarated. You had fun and you did more for your body, mind, and soul than you know. You’ve arrived—this is what you came for.When you’re on the bike, breathing, pushing, sweating—in that blur between body and mind, you can let go. Because you’ll always be caught, your SoulCycle instructor will guide you and inspire you to do your best.Lose yourself to find yourself. The journey is yours.The moment you walk into a SoulCycle class, you go from solo to surrounded, just like that. Tap into the energy of the room. Take space because you belong. On your brightest day and in your darkest hour—your pack is here for you.

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Saskia Hennecke
Benefits Research Executive at Ben

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