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Ooodles LTD

Ooodles offers individuals and companies laptops, mobile phones, and other tech on a flexible, pay-as-you-go monthly rental.
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Ooodles helps employees stay on the latest phones, laptops and other tech on flexible monthly plans. You can rent tech for 3 to 36+ months, get free upgrades, free lifetime warranty, no mid-contract price hikes. We ensure tech is used for it's full lifecycle and are thus a sustainable option of getting tech.

Ooodles for Business helps employers maximise their team's productivity, boost cashflow, improve employee retention, and enjoy a sustainable lifecycle.

We offer companies the flexibility to choose when to upgrade and make the experience stress free and cost-effective. On top of our included features of free replacements and repairs due to faults, we also have insurance and additional peace of mind benefits such as our employee leaver scheme. This enables you to return devices early if an employee leaves the company and cannot be reassigned.

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Saskia Hennecke
Benefits Research Executive at Ben

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