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Octopus EV

Save your employees up to 40% on the cost of driving an electric car with our salary sacrifice scheme.
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Like cycle-to-work, but for electric cars. Save up to 40% off the cost of an electric car with the salary sacrifice scheme from Octopus Electric Vehicles. This employee benefit scheme lets employees pay for their car by sacrificing part of their gross salary to fund the new vehicle; making savings on their national insurance and income tax contributions. With Benefit-in-Kind rates so low for electric cars, next to no tax is paid for this benefit.

The all-in-one monthly sacrifice includes everything to hit the road. The car, charger, energy, comprehensive insurance, breakdown cover, servicing, maintenance, tyres. The lot.

Ben's take

If you’re familiar with the UK’s popular cycle to work scheme, then you’ve got a pretty good idea of what to expect with Octopus EV. In addition to the savings of making monthly pre-tax salary sacrifice payments for your electric vehicle, Octopus saves you time and energy by bundling together the charger, energy, comprehensive insurance, breakdown cover, servicing, maintenance, and tyres into one monthly payroll deduction payment!

Saskia Hennecke
Benefits Research Executive at Ben

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