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nilo.health is a high-quality, personalized and on-demand well-being and mental health platform for companies and their teams – consisting of 1-to-1 sessions with experienced psychologists, group sessions and a digital learning platform with meditations and self-guided tools.
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Mental Health
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Available globally
Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Croatia, Poland, Ukraine, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Turkey

While having the mission to destigmatize mental health as well as providing easy access to psychological support, we are pursuing a high quality approach:
We only work with the best psychologists, all of them (>300 in our network) are experienced psychologists with >600h of 1:1 counselling experience and a degree in psychology, some hold additional certificates, e.g. in coaching.
Further, we cover all possible topics for mental struggles out there with our diversely qualified network of psychologists. We offer 1:1 sessions in >35 languages and across different time zones - perfect for international and remotely distributed teams.

Our low-threshold approach proves itself with a very high uptake of 30% and fantastic user reviews.

From a company perspective, nilo.health helps to...
- improve their company culture
- increase productivity and collaboration
- improve employer branding
- prevent burnout and sick leave
- equip leadership with the right coaching
…and many more.

Ben's take

Saskia Hennecke
Benefits Research Executive at Ben

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