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Be organised. Be Prepared. Be LifeTidy. LifeTidy is a safe, secure and stress-free organisation app designed to assist you with all your life admin while giving you financial oversight.
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With 14 vaults ranging from finance and utilities to travel and ID documents you can not only securely store all your important documentation with our scanning feature, but  also receive automated reminders of renewal dates and payment deadlines. 

Track your expenses with our open banking feature by connecting your bank accounts, credit cards, loans, mortgages, and pensions and so you always know your financial postion. Additionally, with LifeTidy you can securely share important documents with anyone of your choosing and decide the duration in which you share it. 

We understand that creating a healthy work-life balance for employees is key to running a successful business. Less stress creates a better workplace environment and more productive employees, resulting in higher employee retention. With our LifeTidy organisation app, you will improve your team’s financial wellness, stress management and productivity. 

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