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Holly Health

Holly Health is the first fully digital health coach providing personalised and sustainable behaviour change solutions for mental and physical wellbeing.
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Holly Health helps individuals to change their health intentions into clear daily actions, for mental and physical wellbeing. The service is fully digital, yet personalised, using proprietary AI systems, to mimic the role of a human health coach. This means it's scalable to population level.The Holly app adapts to each person, with core focus areas of:- Finding helpful coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety, like time outdoors, physical activity, and social connection.- Rebuilding a more flexible relationship with food, with less emotional eating and drinking, for weight management and addressing binge eating disorder.- Keeping people moving despite our sedentary lifestyles.- Optimising sleep behaviours, for more daily energy, which impacts exercise, nutrition, and everything else.

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Saskia Hennecke
Benefits Research Executive at Ben

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