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Glo is a daily online yoga, meditation, Pilates & Fitness app designed to help you feel better in body and mind.
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Glo is a technology enabled health and wellness company focused on providing online yoga and meditation platform that features thousands of professionally-filmed yoga, meditation, pilates and educational materials. Based in Santa Monica, CA, Glo was founded in 2008 by brothers Derik and Ryan Mills on a quest to make yoga accessible for as many people as possible. Over the past decade, Glo has grown organically thanks to their passionate members and world-class teacher community. Glo see yoga as the acceptance of the invitation to live a full lifelong process that begins as soon as we recognise that we all share the same human condition. Glo’s intention is to empower people from all around the world to engage with yoga, a practice that goes far beyond physical movement on a mat.

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Benefits Research Executive at Ben

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