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FREE NOW is a licensed ride-hailing and multi-mobility app in 10 European countries.
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UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France

FREE NOW is a licensed ride-hailing and multi-mobility app in 10 European countries. You are in control to choose how you roll, book easily, pay in-app quickly and complete your trip safely!HOW IT WORKS - RIDE-HAILING:1. Enter your destination2. Book a taxi or Ride near you3. Track your driver's arrival4. Pay easily through the appHOW IT WORKS - ESCOOTER, EMOPED, EBIKE, CARSHARING:1. Switch to the 2-wheels / carsharing tab2. Find an eScooter, eMoped, eBike, car nearby3. Unlock the vehicle by scanning the QR code or by selecting it directly on the map4. Go to your destination and pay easily through the appFEATURES:- Safety first, you can choose a taxi with a partition screen to allow for social distancing between driver and passenger.- Highest quality drivers, fully licensed with all PHV drivers met and onboarded face-to-face.- The only ride-hailing app where you can choose an electric Black cab, Eco Taxi or electric PHV every time you take a trip! Same great service, lower environmental impact.- Convenient prebook feature on black cabs and taxis available up to 4 days in advance making planning ahead that bit easier.- All black cabs and Accessible taxi options are wheelchair accessible for those requiring extra assistance.STREAMLINE YOUR BUSINESS TRAVEL:Automatically collect your receipt via email after each trip when you pay with the app, or skip manual expense reportings altogether by using a FREE NOW for business account.EASY AIRPORT TRANSFER:Book a black cab or a taxi last minute or up to 4 days before your flight. Need a pickup? No problem, just collect your luggage, order your vehicle of choice through the app and follow the in-app walking directions to the FREE NOW pickup point within your terminal.

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Benefits Research Executive at Ben

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