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Concise full stack courses for busy web developers.
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egghead.io is a community where web developers learn from each other through short lessons and workshops teaching the tools of their trade.Their instructors hail from every continent but Antarctica. (That’s next.) egghead instructors are platform-agnostic, learning-enthusiastic, and badass by definition, however they define it.egghead was created by a small team of web developers who know how essential it is to keep learning. There’s always a new tool or framework to figure out. egghead was made so the experts can create lessons to share their knowledge with people who need it.egghead lessons are bite-sized, practice-ready video tutorials for busy web developers.Every egghead lesson consists of a single screencast that’s 1–10 minutes long. You’ll record your screen as you talk through a code example, just like you’re explaining how you solved a problem to a coworker. The goal of each lesson is to give learners a specific piece of knowledge they can use right away.egghead instructors are working professionals that Learn in Public and share what they know so others can learn with them

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