Annual leave & PTO policy

It’s really important you take time to switch off and have a proper break. Please make sure you make use of your PTO, and that it’s evenly spread across the year.

What you're entitled to:

Annual leave is a set number of days you take off from work each year. If you work in the UK, you're entitled to [X weeks] of annual leave per year, plus bank holidays. The holiday year runs from [X date] to [X date]. Your [X weeks] of vacation will be a paid leave. 

[Delete as required:]

  • You can carry over up to [X days] per year into the following year’s holiday allowance.
  • We also offer buy & sell holidays of up to [X days] per year. The cost is calculated according to your salary at the time of purchase. 


Requesting annual leave?

If you plan on taking leave for more than [X time], you should discuss your plans with your line-manager at least [X weeks] before you plan to take your leave.

If you wish to extend the period, you must notify your line manager before [X days]. If you want to cancel your annual leave, you must tell your line manager as soon as possible.

Things to remember

  • Update your profile status on [Slack/Teams] to say that you’re on holiday.
  • Add an out of office to your email.
  • Remember to hand over your tasks to your team.

 What happens if I leave the company?

If you leave the company, your holiday balance will be recalculated as you pay for any flexible holidays bought on a monthly basis. The Company will also calculate any sold days owed which will depend on your pro rata holiday allowance when you leave.

Reallocating bank holidays 🌎

At [X company] we embrace differences and are committed to inclusivity. We understand that having time off for Easter, Christmas or a random day in May might not make a difference to you, and there could be other important dates you’d rather take off.

If you work in the UK, you can work for up to 5 days of bank holiday, and reallocate those days to use to celebrate other days of significance or importance to you.

So if you want to work through Easter and take off time to celebrate Eid, you can. Just complete [Form] to let us know how many days you would like to reallocate, and they will be added to your holiday allowance in [X app].

Please note: statutory requirements can vary from country to country, so if you’re unsure just speak to [X person].