Bring true flexibility with the Ben Mastercard

Diverse teams need diverse employee benefits. Flexible benefits allowances let employees choose what works for them using their Ben Mastercard.
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Build benefits that work for life

Configuring flexible allowances

Offer flexible spending allowances to provide even more flexibility to your team.

  • Create with purpose — wellbeing, lifestyle spending accounts, L&D, or fully flexible budgets.
  • Define amounts and customise based on multiple criteria, including location, tenure, salary and more.
  • Stay in policy with spend category controls and configurable approvals.
  • Never pay for what your employees don’t use.

Flexible allowances roll-out

Diverse teams need diverse employee benefits. With their Ben Mastercard, employees get to choose what works for them.

  • Spend via virtual or physical Mastercards, Google & Apple Pay, or on Ben’s curated provider marketplace.
  • Automate expense admin with employee self-serve receipt capture.
  • Create approval flows for fast reimbursement.

Streamline your admin & reporting

Benefits admin

Ben doesn't just reduce admin when it comes to setting up your benefits. We automate away all the tedious ongoing bits.

  • Approve benefits enrollment requests automatically.
  • Easily manage budget and reimbursement requests.
  • Set eligibility based on multiple criteria.
  • Connect your payroll and account software.

Engagement & spend reporting

With built-in insights and reporting, Ben shows you how and where your benefits are being used.

  • All your data in one place with custom dashboards.
  • Get real-time insight into benefits engagement.
  • Track where every penny goes with detailed spend reporting.

How employees use Ben

My Netflix subscription comes out of my Ben allowance

A headshot of an asian woman

I used my Ben card last month to buy flying lessons — so awesome!

A headshot of a man with glasses

I added fiancé to my medical insurance in less than 5 minutes

A headshot of peri

I love running, so last month I put my allowance towards new trainers

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Join teams around the world getting 90%+ engagement with their benefits programmes

Get any benefit, in any country, and make it flexible, all without the painful admin. Budget-friendly. No hidden fees. No surprises.