The Ben Card

Diverse teams need diverse employee benefits. Flexible benefits allowances let employees choose what works for them using their Ben Mastercard.

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Employees want different things

What your team wants depends on their age, income, financial priorities and interests

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Frankie, 24
Frankie spends her £50 monthly wellbeing allowance on…
Hello Fresh
Gym clothes
A blue Ben character with glasses holding some paper
Amir, 37
Working parent
Amir spends their £100 monthly allowance on…
School supplies
Childcare support

Bring true flexibility with the Ben Mastercard

Set Ben budgets for your team. Employees can choose all their own benefits and spend their flexible allowance with the Ben Mastercard.

Employees love the Ben card

Use it anywhere. Anything becomes a benefit.
Track spending with the Ben wallet
Opt in to benefits that catch their eye
Speedy reimbursement

And so will you….

Restrict allowances. No more wasted benefits budget
Automate expense admin with employee self-serve receipt capture
Create approval flows for fast reimbursement

My subscription for Netflix come out of my Ben allowance.

A headshot of an asian woman

I used my Ben card last month to buy flying lessons — so awesome!

A headshot of a man with glasses

I added fiancé to my medical insurance, it was super straight forward!

A headshot of peri

As a runner, last month my allowance went towards new trainers

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Ready to delight your team?

Get any benefit, in any country, and make them flexible, all without the painful admin. Budget-friendly. No hidden fees. No surprises.

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