Reporting & Insights

With insights and reporting, Ben shows you how and where your benefits are being used

A dashboard showing reports inside the Ben platform
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Ben is easily the most engaged initiative we’ve ever had. It gets everything to everyone in different locations, and I can’t even tell you how much time it’s saved us.
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Fraser Hopper, Head of Operations at Chattermill

Knowledge is the ultimate super power

Ben gives you next level insight into how your team are interacting with their benefits

Insights from every angle

See high level stats all in one place with dashboards
Get real-time insight into benefits engagement
Stats all in one place so no need to switch platforms
A dashboard showing enrolment data inside the Ben platform
Some graphics showing predicted trends of benefits usage inside Ben

Track how your budget is being spent

Detailed spend reporting so you can track where every penny goes
Get a breakdown of budget spend by provider and category (and more)

Reporting made easy

Payroll reporting & integrations
Accounting reporting
Engagement reporting
A dashboard showing payroll reports inside the Ben platform

Sync it with Ben

Have platforms you use regularly? Connect them to Ben in just a few clicks

Join teams around the world getting 90%+ engagement with their benefits programmes

Get any benefit, in any country, and make it flexible, all without the painful admin. Budget-friendly. No hidden fees. No surprises.