Why guess? Let your teams choose

With the Ben Mastercard and Marketplace for benefits, you can let your team choose the benefts they truly want, wherever they are in the world

Make your benefits truly flexible with the Ben Mastercard and Benefits Marketplace
  • With per-employee allowances and the Ben Mastercard anything can be turned into a benefit
  • Restrict allowances to categories to ensure the budget is spent where it should be
  • Configure a marketplace of products and services based on our catalogue for your team to choose from
Approval and reporting taken care off
  • Configure reimbursement and approval flows
  • Automate your expense admin with built-in receipt capture
Make rewards rewarding
  • Replace today's gift cards and vouchers with one-off bonuses on Ben Mastercards
  • Raise a smile by attaching a customisable GIF and thoughtful message

Join teams around the world getting
90%+ engagement
with their benefits programmes.

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