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Global benefits at your finger tips

Access Ben’s global broker and benefits provider network for the best deals on insurance and lifestyle products. From London to Shanghai, our benefits design team is there to help you source your benefits wherever they are needed. Already got benefits? Bring them to Ben.

More flexibility for your team, less admin for you

Simplify benefits management

Integrate your HRIS, payroll systems, and benefits providers, and automate everything from eligibility-based benefits enrolment to plan adjustments. And your team? They'll enjoy control over their benefits, making for an engaging experience with the ability to tailor and manage their plans.

One benefits card, a million choices

Expand your team's benefits choice by turning anything into a benefit with flexible allowances. From brain-boosting L&D to wellbeing support, expand your offering with ease. Ensure your budgets are spent as intended with custom approval flows, budget restrictions and built-in receipt capture. Let your team choose the benefits that matter most to them.


Make an impact

Use real-time benefits engagement and budget analysis reports to pinpoint the most valuable benefits for your team and cut unnecessary costs. Consolidated payroll deduction reports ensure accuracy and tax compliance, safeguarding against costly payroll errors and tax savings.
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Streamline admin end-to-end with smart workflows that understand the complexity of your programme.

  • Trigger workflows based on any employee data and benefit rules
  • Go beyond basic if/then logic and set eligibility based on any criteria
  • Flexible multi-level approvals and fallback options
  • Built-in receipt capture and reimbursement processing

Payroll made easy with consolidated reporting.

  • Say goodbye to manual processes, spreadsheets, and emails
  • Per-employee roll-ups covering all benefits spend 
  • Employer and employee contributions for every pay cycle, past and present
  • Compliant tax-rules set on a per-benefit basis
  • Eliminate payroll errors and business risk 
  • View and export spend history

Unlimited choice with our global benefits marketplace.

  • From healthcare to guitar lessons. Get any benefit at a preferred rate.
  • Our benefits designers will help you source a life-shaping offering
  • Benchmark your package to stay competitive

Integrate with existing HRIS, payroll, and accounting systems.

  • Make data exchange painless with eligibility-based benefit provisioning and automatic joiners/leavers
  • Automate your accounts and payroll reporting
  • Push invoices and receipts directly into your accounts system

Manage your organisation’s benefits worry-free with Ben’s commitment to data security. At Ben, we are:

  • Fully compliant with WCAG 2.1 A and AA accessibility standards to remove barriers and facilitate inclusion
  • ISO 27001 certified and compliant with GDPR and local privacy laws
  • Data encrypted at rest and in transit, PII protected with strong authentication
  • Local data hosting options available to meet regional compliance requirements (US, EU and other zones).

Use Ben for

Health & Life Insurance

Insure your team's wellbeing, Ben has you covered.

  • Give your team access to a global selection of Health & Life Insurance products
  • Get access to preferred rates through Ben's broker network

Flexible allowance

What if you could offer anything as a benefit? With Ben you can.

  • Give your people access to a fully configurable benefits marketplace
  • Assign one-off or recurring flexible allowances and stipends on the Ben card

Global Benefits

From London to Miami, Ben has you covered.

  • Choose from a global selection of core benefits, including Health & Life Insurance, Income protection & more
  • Offer personal allowances to spend on a curated list of global benefits or maximise choice with the Ben Mastercard

Employee Wellbeing

Make wellbeing a priority, meet everyone's personal needs with one solution.

  • From gym subscriptions to counselling, curate a selection of wellbeing benefits that work for everyone
  • Offer dedicated one-off or recurring Wellbeing allowances and put the choice in your people's hands

Learning & Development

Motivate and up-skill your people with tailored L&D.

  • Let your people choose from a curated list of learning and development providers
  • Assign one-off or reoccurring learning and development allowances
  • Seamlessly manage all your approval and reimbursement requests on Ben

Reward & Recognition

Recognise your team in a whole new way.

  • Birthdays or work anniversaries, whatever the occasion, give your team one-off rewards on their personal Ben Mastercard
  • Replaces today's gift cards and vouchers with one-off bonuses
  • Raise a smile by attaching a customisable GIF and thoughtful message

Join teams around the world getting 90%+ engagement with their benefits programmes

Get any benefit, in any country, and make it flexible, all without the painful admin. Budget-friendly. No hidden fees. No surprises.