Tuition Assistance

We all know how much education costs nowadays — for many people they just can't justify the cost. But having highly skilled employees can make the world of difference.

What is Tuition Assistance?

Tuition assistance is when a company pays the cost of an employee's tuition fees for an academic programme. This is a great way to ensure employees are skilled to the same level and to promote learning alongside working. 

There are several options for providing tuition assistance to employees. Employees can be partly reimbursed for the cost of tuition, they can be fully funded, or sponsored. 

Why should you offer tuition assistance?

Funding your employees' education means you'll benefit from access to a highly skilled workforce who are trained to the same level of education. Funding this means that your employees can apply their learnings to their role, and also creates a sense of loyalty where employees feel valued and supported professionally by you. 

Why offer tuition assistance through Ben?

Ben makes offering tuition assistance easy. You'll work with a benefits consultant to help you determine if this is the right benefit for you and how it will fit in with your overall package. From there we'll help you find a provider at a preferred price through our global broker network.

Our onboarding team ensures all employees are set up properly, and with ongoing self serve enrolment, as well as automated provider communications. All admin work is taken care of for you, including if you offer various levels of coverage or dependent enrolment.

The Ben platform

Ben is easily the most engaged initiative we’ve ever had. It gets everything to everyone in different locations, and I can’t even tell you how much time it’s saved us.

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Fraser Hopper,
Head of Operations at Chattermill

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