How Thriva achieved 87% employee engagement with Ben

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Thriva is a proactive health company that helps people across the UK manage and improve their health with home blood tests, GP reports, evidence-based insights and supplements, to help to create a world where they can understand health and improve it.

Ben helped Thriva:

  • Offer 7 benefits, including Private Healthcare and a wellness allowance
  • Provide options for employees to choose whatever made them happy
  • Achieve benefit engagement of 87%
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The Challenge

As Thriva rapidly grew, their benefits hadn’t quite kept up. As a company that focused on providing their customers the freedom to take their health into their own hands, it didn’t make sense that they weren’t doing the same thing for their employees. The Thriva People Team knew they needed to upgrade their benefits, and since everyone’s health and wellness needs are unique, they wanted flexible options.

People & Culture Associate
We loved that the Ben platform managed our supplier relationships for us. The thought of adding more suppliers to coordinate with was the opposite of what we wanted to do.

How Ben Helped

Flexible benefits without admin

Through Ben, Thriva now offers their employees 7 flexible benefits and a wellness allowance. This allows their team to spend money on whatever matters to them. Since Ben takes care of all benefit enrolment and provider communications, there is no extra admin work required when offering these benefits. Offering this level of flexibility without Ben wouldn’t have been feasible without a larger team focusing on admin.

Benefits that could be used anywhere

If their team didn’t want to use any of the 7 benefits offered, they were able to use an allowance on their Ben Mastercard for whatever would be best for their wellness. As there’s no limit to where their team can spend their allowance, they had more options than they would with any other platform. So, if the team chose to spend their money on a massage for that month, they could go to their favourite masseuse rather than a select list of providers.

Benefit value communicated clearly

The Ben allowance works with your local currency and shows the exact number of pounds (or euros/dollars) available, so it’s super easy for Thriva to show employees the exact monetary value of their benefits. This helps employees feel appreciated as they can see exactly how much their employer is investing in them, making it clear that wellness is a top priority for them.

The Results

Since incorporating Ben into their new benefits offering, Thriva has been able to achieve an 87% engagement rate. Offering flexible benefits through Ben has meant that Thriva didn’t need to do any admin themselves, which has allowed the Thriva people team to spend time improving their entire benefit offering. Some of the new policies they has rolled out since Ben include a sabbatical leave policy as well as climate perks, which offers extra days off to employees who travel sustainably.

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People really love it... we tried offering onboarding sessions but they weren't necessary because it was so simple to use!
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