How Cleveland Group reduced recruitment time by over 50% with Ben

With Joely Clark, HR Advisor at Cleveland Group


Ben helped Cleveland Group:

  • Decide what benefits they should offer
  • Set up 1 platform as the source of truth on benefits for employees
  • Reduce time-to-hire by over 50%

The challenge

Following Cleveland Group's recent successful round of funding, they had ambitious growth targets, and needed to double the size of their team in just 6 months. Trying to hire employees coming from businesses more than 10x their size proved to be a challenge, as these candidates were used to and expected much better benefits than what Cleveland Group was offering. Losing candidates late in the process was eating up a lot of time, and company growth was delayed from not being able to fill vacancies.

As a People team of one, HR Manager Joely Clark didn’t have the time to dedicate to researching the most competitive benefits, connect with suppliers to source benefits, and to handle the administrative burden of offering new benefits. She knew she needed to bring in a platform that would be able to support her and her rapidly growing team.

"Candidates are always impressed that we are offering such great benefits and using such a streamlined platform."

Joely Clark
HR Advisor

How Ben Helped

Benefits consultant to design competitive offering

Cleveland Group knew their offering wasn’t competitive, but they weren’t sure where to start when it came to improving it. With insights on over 1000 companies’ benefits, Ben was able to explain what a competitive offering would look like, and worked with Cleveland Group and their budget to decide what exactly they should offer. Ben worked with its pre-existing network of providers to source these new benefits and get Cleveland Group set up with them.

One platform for employees and employers

More benefits typically come with more complexity - both for admin and employees. But as all benefits are consolidated in Ben, all benefit management is done in one place and all reporting is automatically generated and consolidated. In addition by using Ben, Cleveland Group didn’t need to build and maintain an intranet with benefit information, employees can see their entire benefits package when they log in to Ben. This not only empowers employees to answer their own questions about benefits and enrolment, but also keeps the offering top of mind so employees always feel appreciated.

Scalable solution for longevity

Cleveland Containers didn’t want to have to introduce a new platform later down the road as they continued to update their offering or increase their headcount. With Ben, changing benefits can be done easily at anytime. One important thing for Joely was that Ben was constantly improving their solution over time, so that even as the benefits landscape changes, Cleveland Containers will be able to offer competitive benefits through Ben.

The results

Not only do Cleveland Group no longer struggle with candidates dropping out once they see their benefit offering, but they have actually been able to reduce time-to-hire to 16 days, less than 50% as long as it used to take them.

In addition to making their offering competitive, Ben has automated a significant amount of Joely’s admin work. Employees now enrol in benefits themselves, and Ben automatically handles all provider communications for set up. Ben also integrates directly with their HRIS (Sage HR), meaning that as the team rapidly grows, there is next to no work to get these new employees set up with Ben.

This gives back Joely one full working day each week, so she can focus instead on HR initiatives to improve the employee experience — she has already had the time to drastically improve parental leave policies and pension.

Faster recruitment

"Ben has freed up my time to spend it on employee wellbeing. I’ve already been able to bring on a better pension and improve our parental leave policy."

Joely Clark
HR Advisor
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