Go beyond employee recognition with the #1 Reward Gateway alternative.

Meet Ben, the all-in-one benefits platform for any company.

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Ben vs Reward Gateway, what's the difference?

Ben is an “all-in-one” global, flexible benefits platform. Ben helps companies manage benefits that matter to each individual, reducing cost and admin.

Reward gateway is an employee recognition platform. It allows employees to access discounts and send recognition to one another.

See how Ben stacks up against Reward Gateway

Pension contribution management
Bring your own broker
Instant pricing, plan upgrades, and dependants management
Global core benefits management
Employee Retail Discounts
Employee self-serve benefits enrolment
Core insurance at preferred rates
Benefits communications
Fully configurable merchant marketplace with no restrictions
Receipt capture (for VAT)
Points allocation for perks spend
Reimbursements for non-card expenses
Allowances and one-off stipends
Virtual and physical Mastercards for even more flexibility
Allocate flex budgets to core benefits products
Approval flows
Rewards & Recognition
Peer to Peer Rewards
Fully configurable reward marketplace
Manager Rewards
Company to Employee Rewards
All in one consolidated payroll reporting
Automated eligibility rules
Custom reporting
Single Sign On
HRIS integrations
Total rewards statement
Tax optimisation and data collection
Curated wellbeing content

Use Ben for...

A Ben character watering their plant
What if you could offer anything as a benefit? With Ben you can.
  • Give your people access to a fully configurable benefits marketplace
  • Assign one off or recurring flexible allowances and stipends on the Ben card
A Ben character measuring another ones health
Insure your team's wellbeing, Ben has you covered
  • Give your team access to a global selection of Health & Life Insurance products
  • Get access to preferred rates through Ben's broker network
Ben charater pointing at a map of the globe to showcase all the continents where the Ben benefits platform is used
From London to Miami, Ben has you covered
  • Choose from a global selection of core benefits, including Health & Life Insurance, Income protection & more
  • Offer personal allowances to spend on a curated list of global benefits or maximise choice with the Ben Mastercard
A Purple Ben character doing yoga
Make wellbeing a priority, meet everyone's personal needs with one solution
  • From gym subscriptions to counselling, curate a selection of wellbeing benefits that work for everyone
  • Offer dedicated one-off or reoccurring Wellbeing allowances and put the choice in your people's hands
  • Provide free access to weekly virtual expert led meditation, yoga and fitness classes
A Ben character siting and reading
Engage and up-skill your people with tailored learning and development
  • Let your people choose from a curated list of learning and development providers
  • Assign one-off or reoccurring learning and development allowances
  • Seamlessly manage all your approval and reimbursement requests on Ben
A Ben character holding a present
Recognise your team in a whole new way
  • Birthday's or work anniversaries, whatever the occasion, give your team one-off rewards on their personal Ben Mastercard
  • Replaces today's gift cards and vouchers with one-off bonuses
  • Raise a smile by attaching a customisable GIF and thoughtful message

Join teams around the world getting
90%+ engagement
with their benefits programmes.

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