Top books and podcasts from Leadership Experts Amelia and Gabi

We asked Life and Leadership Coaches (by day), and hosts of Pivot Points Podcast (by night), Amelia and Gabi to share some of their favourite books and podcasts that have helped shape them in work

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This week, we are excited to feature Amelia Saberwal & Gabi Miller, Life and Leadership Coaches (by day), hosts of Pivot Points Podcast (by night), and experts from our recent Ben workshops in leadership and resilience. As professionals in their field, we asked Gabi and Amelia to share some of their favourite books and podcasts that have helped shape them in work and life.

We’ve loved working with Ben this year, and would like to share festive treats with the wonderful community here. Here are 8 books and podcasts that have lit us in 2020; consider them as gifts to yourself, loved ones or colleagues you want the very best for.  

📚 Books we love

The Joy of Work - 30 ways to fall in love with your job again
  1. ‘The Joy of Work’ by Bruce Daisley

From the chap who ran Twitter Europe. He gives insight and top tips on organisational culture creation, meeting culture, work hacks and a myriad strategies towards work life fulfilment.

(He also has a podcast – Eat.Sleep.Work.Repeat)

The School of Life - An Emotional Education
  1. ‘School of Life & Emotional Education’ by Alain De Botton

He actually says it best -  ‘Everything you were never taught at school! Understand emotions, find and sustain in love, succeed in your career, fail well and overcome shame and guilt’. 

This book does what it says on the tin! So digestible. From explaining why you argue with your partner, to how to feel ‘good enough’. He also has a YouTube channel called ‘School of Life’ for little bite sized nuggets of wisdom.

‘Untamed’ by Glennon Doyle
  1. ‘Untamed’ by Glennon Doyle

An unmissable auto-biographical story of Glennon’s radical changes in her life. She stops being told who she is and claims who she REALLY is. She gives the reader permission for different types of parenting, how and who to love, how to build boundaries and unleash your wildest self.

The mantra we remember from this book is ‘We can do hard things’. 

Lovability - Knowing How to Love and Be Loved by Robert Holden
  1. ‘Lovability: Knowing How to Love and Be Loved’ by Robert Holden

When you think something is missing in a relationship – it is probably you.

Whoa! Tell me more we hear you say. OK! ‘Abundance comes from your ability to love and be loved. This ability is innate, not acquired.’

Gabi found her life partner through Holden’s teachings and swears by this book for anyone, everywhere at any stage of life.

Will there be Donuts by David Pearl
  1. Will there be Donuts? by David Pearl 

Guilty of having too many meetings? Check out this book by business expert, David Pearl and you’ll look at “team catch-ups”  in a whole new way. Reclaim your working life and make meetings great! 

🎙️ Podcasts we love

Pivot Points Podcast
  1. Pivot Points with Amelia and Gabi

Ours, obvs! (#shamelessplug).

In Pivot Points, we explore and celebrate change. How the pivotal moments in our lives become our growth opportunities. We chat to such a variety of people, with such a variety of perspectives, and yet the themes are clear:

  • learn to fail, or fail to learn (as the wise Tal Ben-Shahar would say)
  • failure is a given – it’s your mindset that gives it its meaning

(Our mission is to abolish the word ‘failure’ and replace it with ‘data / experience / par for the course / trial and error / ‘well I won’t do that again!’ etc.)

  • slowing down and playing with your pace, to give perspective
Unlocking Us and Dare to Lead with Brene Brown
  1. Unlocking Us and Dare to Lead with Brene Brown

‘Unlocking Us’ - eye opening conversations on a variety of topical subjects. She also brings her incredible teachings into the conversations for different perspectives and scientific gravitas.

‘Dare to Lead’ - latest is with Barack Obama - a leadership masterclass.

If you don’t know her – start here - with this must watch TED talk.

Mindvalley with Vishen Lakhiani
  1. Mindvalley with Vishen Lakhiani

These podcasts and masterclasses are MIND BLOWING conversations with people at the top of their game in the self-development, personal growth world. Teaching wisdom and ideas that the education system misses. Covering topics from building multi million $ brands, to how to bounce back from pain, to teaching yourself how to speed read.

Amelia and Gabi are life and leadership coaches working with private clients and in the corporate world. They also do webinar workshops:

  • Lead with Coaching – teaching leaders the fundamentals of coaching
  • Personal Leadership – understanding your inner critics and meeting your inner leader
  • Resilient Leaders – how to deal with obstacles and adversity. Tools to help you bounce back and stay buoyant.

You can get in touch with Amelia and Gabi via their websites here and here to find out more about their work.

A big thank you to Amelia and Gabi for taking the time to share these great resources ❤️

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