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We caught up with Geraldine Butler-Wright, Chief People Officer at Healthily, to find out more about how their innovative self-care platform gives people the confidence to look after their own health.

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Looking after employee health is a real challenge, especially in these unpredictable times. As employees are increasingly turning to their employers for support, it can be difficult for those in People roles to know exactly what advice to provide. Healthily is an award-winning platform that offers a wide range of health resources, created by experts, that enable people to access the help they need, whenever they need it.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Geraldine Butler-Wright, Chief People Officer at Healthily, to find out more about how their innovative self-care platform gives people the confidence to look after their own health.

Can you describe Healthily in 30 seconds? What do you do?

Designed by doctors, used by millions, Healthily is the award-winning self-care app. We help you check your health, manage hundreds of conditions, track your progress and much more. You can talk to our friendly chatbot, browse our world-class health library, use our journal and trackers and find vetted products and services to help you look after your health with confidence.

What makes Healthily different from other providers in the market?  

Your safety is our top priority. Trust is so important when it comes to your health, which is why everything we do is reviewed by our in-house medical team and clinical advisory board (made up of some of the world’s best independent medical experts). We’re working with organisations including the Royal College of General Practitioners and the Professional Record Standards Body to set industry-leading standards in digital health technology.

What is your typical customer profile?

Healthily is for everyone. We’re used by millions around the world and our mission is to help 1 billion people take better care of their health through self-care. We know that everyone has different health goals, from running more to drinking less to cutting down on screen time. You can use trackers on Healthily to build new habits, record your progress and make lasting changes. 

How could companies use Healthily to support employees? Do you have any particular user case studies that you can share? 

Since the pandemic, many of us have started working from home more – a change that could well be here to stay. While this definitely has some perks, working from our sofas and beds can secretly harm our backs. Our Back Pain Hub helps employees ease back pain with physio exercises, breathing techniques and dedicated trackers to help you build better back habits. 

Through the pandemic and beyond, we also provide practical guides for releasing stress at work and at home.

How have you adapted your services as a result of the pandemic?

To help researchers better understand coronavirus, we partnered with Imperial College London to launch two coronavirus surveys. The first survey, which won a CogX People’s Choice COVID-19 award, enabled people to compare their symptoms with people of the same age, gender or location. The second survey enabled people to share where they think they caught coronavirus, in order to help researchers understand how coronavirus spreads, so we can slow it down. 

You can hear from our CEO on how coronavirus has changed the digital landscape here

Have you got any tips for boosting health at work? 

One important way to boost your health at work is by looking after your mental wellbeing – especially during these stressful times. We’ve got lots of tips to help you manage life’s ups and downs, from overcoming imposter syndrome to spotting the signs of burnout to knowing when to take a mental health day off work. 

You can find out more about how to release stress here and spotting the signs of burnout here.

A big thank you to Geraldine for taking the time to speak with us and for the really helpful insights. You can find out more about Healthily’s incredible work  here

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