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We’ve curated an industry leading stress management program, connecting you/your team to the best practitioners in nutrition, meditation, movement and more. There’s never been a better time to look at health & wellbeing - let Walking on Earth unlock you & your team’s potential.
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UK, USA, Peru, Malta, Hungary, Luxembourg, Israel, Kuwait, Maldives, Malaysia, UAE, Mexico, Greece, Egypt, Singapore, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Indonesia, Brazil, Norway, Poland, Lithuania, Hong Kong, Crimea, China, Turkey, Finland, New Zealand, Namibia, Japan, Belarus, Italy, Austria, Botswana, Korea, Sweden, India, Bulgaria, Canada, Spain, Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Australia, Denmark, Latvia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Croatia, Tunisia

At WONE, we believe that it’s important to take a proactive, preventative approach to managing your stress before you reach a point of crisis, and we believe that integrated health is the answer. You’re at your best when your mind and body are working together, so let’s help you get there. 

The WONE platform is designed to be used at work. We begin by assessing how you’re doing right now, with our proprietary WONE Index. We assess your stress across three pillars of health and make recommendations on the actions you should take to improve your health. Our solutions are designed to provide you with knowledge and practical skills to build healthy habits for the long term. Join a fireside chats on topics ranging across mind, body and nutrition, hosted by clinical scientists, NYT Bestselling Authors and Ted Talkers, or get immediate relief through a live mindfulness, breathwork or desk stretching session. At just 10 minutes long and with a calendar integration, these neatly fit into your working day.

Access is entirely online through our platform: choose to join live with 10 classes available each week across time zones, or go on-demand and access our recorded content anytime, anywhere. 

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Benefits Research Executive at Ben

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