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Employees enjoy the ultimate benefit of driving a brand new fully insured and maintained car for a fixed monthly salary sacrifice amount.
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The green car benefit provides employees with a brand new, fully-maintained and insured car for an affordable, fixed monthly amount. Combining tax efficiencies and manufacturer discounts, Tusker offers a great value fully-inclusive package. All the driver has to do is add fuel or charge and go.

Employees can now access the next generation of green cars but without the risk of depreciation or unknown servicing and maintenance costs. Even better, there’s no deposits needed. Tusker’s Lifestyle Protections mean that for many life events, if an employee leaves, they can simply hand the car back without any cost to them or the employer.

Ben's take

As a salary sacrifice benefit, Tusker can be offered to employees at no cost to the employer! While facilitating great savings on green cars, Tusker also guarantees cost-free support in the tax compliant implementation, administration, marketing and ongoing proactive promotion of the scheme. Boost employee retention and engagement while allowing Tusker to take on the risks. 

Saskia Hennecke
Benefits Research Executive at Ben

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